01 March 2010

the weekend that was

what an active weekend we had.


fun time with the kids in the park nearby our home. it was a sunny morning and the kids and i spent more than 3 hours in the park. they don't want to go home. i spent more or less 10euro, for the snack and toys. "magastos talaga pag lumabas kasama ang mga bata"

in the afternoon, we went to my mom's house. my daughter zendra enjoyed playing around. jaki of course played with the computer. there's someone there selling some jewelries and wristwatches. so i just look and look. i liked the pryngeps wristwatch for man. thought i might buy it for my hub, but unfortunately, it's taken already. saved me some hundreds there! whew! my cousin bought a pair of bracelets. cute and elegant. i bought nothing. i stopped buying jewelries since my daughter was born. i got lots and i swear i never used them always.

mom's house again. i brought the kids so my hub could have his own freedom, without kids. at least for some hours. my laptop is shutting down whenever i masterize dvd's. don't know why. so, i need to use my cousin's pc right there on my mom's house. i've been editing fotos and making a dvd for my friend. it will serve as a "something to watch" at the birthday party, while the guests are eating. hundreds of fotos and some videoclips. whew! it will take lot of hours!

good to know mom's having pancakes! hmm..yummy! i asked my son, Jaki..."perchè non mangia quella quando cucino io in nostra casa?" (why you don't eat that when i cook at our house?)
"sono piu buona quella di nonna" (grandma's pancakes tastes better mom), my son replied.
yeah ok...my mom makes the perfect pancake, no objection to it.

i ate 2 pancakes, my kids one each, i finished the dvd and it's time to go home.
it's raining outside. time to reunite with my hub, so the four of us could just play & hurl on our big bed.

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