17 March 2010


last sunday she was already better. monday she's still ok, but the night of tuesday she got a high fever again. 39°c. i didn't slept at all and silently been agonized by my daughter's sigh and cries. she wasn't really feeling well. she can't breath well due to her colds and i can imagine her being restless too. i gave her tacchipirina syrup (paracetamol) for kids.

wednesday morning she was still ill. the medicine didn't work well. her fever is 38°c and she vomitted. i decided to take her to the hospital. it's almost 11am. we had waited for the doctor for hours. fortunately, my hub's cousin was available and came with me. 1pm we were called and the assistant doctor checked zendra. she said she already got infections due to phlegm that doesn't go out. that explained her swollen eyes. poor baby. she said to wait again for the other doctor for prescriptions. we will be called again.

i haven't eaten anything since breakfast, so i was already starving. how long will we still wait? zendra and i were both restless. at about 2:30pm the other doctor came. thanks God. she gave antibiotic prescription and we were released. finally home about 3pm!

hope she gets better...

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