31 October 2011

Bravo Luigi!

I just grabbed some of Luigi's fotos from his facebook page.
Love them!

My nephew Luigi loves taking pictures. I mean, taking wonderful fotos!
I hope he hones more of this talent. He's only 13!

55 Days!

1. "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas"
2. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
3. "Jingle Bells" featuring The Puppini Sisters
4. "White Christmas" duet with Shania Twain
5. "All I Want for Christmas is You"
6. "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"
7. "Santa Baby"
8. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
9. "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
10. "Silent Night"
11. "Blue Christmas"
12. "Cold December Night"
13. "I'll Be Home for Christmas"
14. "Ave Maria"
15. "Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad" duet with Thalia
16. "Winter Wonderland"

Countdown: It's 55 days before Christmas!

This is my FIRST christmas wish gift.
I want this cd...yuhuuuuuuuuuu friends, are you hearing me =)

29 October 2011

Memories Always Last...

somewhere, somehow, sometime in our lives we meet a lot of people and we always ought to be with them. but, we grew up, have our own lives. a lot of things just simply change, yet good memories will always be there.
significant people put a mark in our lives even they have been gone out of sight or been far away; and yet, one day, they will just unexpectedly come back and greet you "hi!".

(the girl end left wearing orange top): people simply call her Wheng. Closed friends & families call her Dhang. I used to call her Wenggay. We were both "irregular" students way back on college. I was a Pre-Dentistry student and shifted to BS Psychology. She was BS Education and shifted to Psychology too. We both have letter "M's" as surnames, so we used to be beside each other on seats if the professor liked us to be alphabetically seated. I thoughts she was "suplada". She doesn't smile a lot. So i broke the ice.
"irregular ka rin?" i asked
"Ah oo, nag shift kasi ako" she simply replied.
To cut the long story short, we became best of friends. We simply "lived" together in one apartment until we graduated, and until she had her job.
She's "mataray" talaga. "waray" kasi. but, she's so thoughtful and sweet.
When i went abroad, we communicate thru normal mails, then came the cell fone messages and facebook. When i got back home last 2001, we had our "college barkada" reunion and it was fun!
I returned home again by 2006 and 2011, but we only talked over the fone. I was busy as well as her, and we didn't had chance to really see each other. I just simply missed her.
She got a son now, named M.J. now on kindergartedn, if i'm not mistaken. I hope i will be able to hug her again when i go home.

(2nd girl from left wearing black top) OMG! i simply forgot her name. she's Wheng's cousin and i only met her once. so pardon me forgetting.

(3rd girl from left wearing green shirt) Was that me? What a hair? hahaha. skinny winny me!

(guy behind me) He's Joel. My "ex". He's a very sweet guy i met during college years. I would say, very, very thoughtful and protective. We had a lot of good times together. He just recently caught me at facebook. I'm still young those times, so being confused and insecure, i ended up the relationship. Hope he never hated me. After him, I sinked into another relationship. So deep that made me a first time-mother to my eldest son. it's nice to see/hear from Joel again.

(guy beside him), my brother Ron, beside her is Rrowena, his "ex" who was his classmate during college. their relationship didn't last that long either. my brother's happily married now. I don't know about Rowena.

(girl with 3rd from right, my brother Ron's classmate too. sorry didn't remember her name too)
(guy on red shirt is Mel) my brother Ron's best friend. He's a nurse now and reside in England. Mel's fun to be with and i won't forget our "crazy and dramatic" days during those times that i'm in love. He knows what i have been through with the father of my son. "Speedo" bag. Amen! Let's not talk about it, hahaha.

(last girl end right, Ron's classmate too, surely i don't remember their names because when this event happens, it's the first time i was with them.

This picture was taken during San Isidro Pahiyas Festival in our hometown: Lucban, Quezon, and they were all our guests.

So that was it...things kept on flashing back and i am just happy for these memorable moments. i can't turn back the time, but these memories will always be in my heart.
Thanks guys/gals!

Never Miss Autumn!

we love autumn the way we love spring.
the colors are just awesome!

it's a sin to miss the autumn leaves. =)
me & the kids had some fun.

Life Wonderments

my foreword on the other blog...

i used to have a webs.com page.
i'm bringing it all here --> life wonderments

happy reading!

1 Added Hour to Sleep

It's officially Fall season. Our clock here in Italy will set back to 1 hour. From 3 o'clock in the morning to 2 o'clock in the morning. one more hour of sleep for the day...cool!

I'm setting my clocks at 12 midnight! =)

Halloween Again!

2 more days to go...

but i just turn myself into a witch. but, i mean a good, sexy witch.
(walang kokontra!) hahaha.

Halloween Myspace Comments

Hmmm? i bet i was "sexier" last year--> halloween 2010

28 October 2011

That's My Daughter!

Zendra modeled for Valentina Mantovani last Summer 2011, and is featured on her portfolio.
I'm a proud MOM, obviously

Click the link & see the fotos--> http://valentinamantovani.carbonmade.com/

TGIF #33: Something I Learn

I am a Mom.
I am a woman, a wife, a friend, a sister, most of all, i'm HUMAN.
I am not perfect. I don't know everything.
I am learning.

For my Friday's Five-Day i'm gonna list what i have learned today.

1. Never Assume

You don't have to give up that "mother instincts", but assuming often ended up with the unnice things. My daughter's have been sick for almost 8 days, so i already got a medical certificate yesterday. i guess there's nothing wrong if i bring her to school today, even friday. i don't want her to "forget" going to school, and not wanted to go anymore, 'coz of being absent for almost 2 weeks. My son's school had a strike and there will be no lunch for them, so he brought with him a home-made lunch. Some teachers might be absent too, joining the strike. Assuming elementary school and preschool are different, i still go to Zendra's school. We were there 15 minutes before 9am. I observe that there were only 3 of us moms (with respective kids) waiting at the gate. Weird, i told myself. In this hour, the gate is filled with moms/dads with kids. Ok, don't panic...go ahead and see for yourself. (i was thinking) Daaaaaang! Her room is closed. Someone told me, Zendra's teachers went on a strike, so we need to get back on wednesday. Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 (monday & tuesday) are holidays, that's why. Oh ow! i would have to bear another day with my cute pest in the house. =)

2. Don't Try to be Perfect

Striving for perfection is always not a good idea. I am a mom. I need to always bear in mind that life is messier and crazier than ever before. I was cooking for lunch and my daughter's having her snack. She's swatting on the carpet while biting her unpeeled apple. I don't feel comfortable seeing her that way. The carpet will be a mess and even the apple is washed, she can't eat like that. I got her apple, peeled it up and slice them and put in her plate with a fork. i put on the table and let her sit on the chair. Perfect!
If my daughter can just yell at me and tell me things now, she might say, "Mamma, it's not your business! I will eat my apple the way i want to, where i want to!"
Yeah, i was being perfect, she didn't touch her apple anymore. nagtampo na!

3. Be Extra Patient

Of course when you're a mom, you're expected to be patient. But be, very very patient. Kids are noisy, messy and so demanding. Since Zendra had no chance to be in preschool today, i expected a cartoon marathon (as usual). i will miss everything i thought i could watch today on tv. She has the habit of getting 1 dvd, playing it for 3 minutes and, getting another, keep changing it...so on and so forth. She don't finish anything, and i can't finish either what i am doing too. When my little one start to have this habit, i grew patience each time. If patience can be turned into money, i'll be rich!

4. Laugh with Them

When you're a mom, you have that wonderful opportunity to be a child all over again. If they are watching or doing something, don't just watch them, smile or laugh with them.
Zendra is watching a british dvd, "Singing English" and she kept on singing with the A, B, C song. She's used to the american abc rhythm of the song. So, everytime she sings, it's not the same as the dvd. But, she kept on nodding. I sing with her and she started to dance and jump. Even me, i can't get that British abc song tune, so i laugh, then she laughs more and hug me. That was fun!

5. Don't Multitask (so much)

This has been what i was always doing: clicking on computer (blogging/facebooking), while cooking and watching my kid. Yes, indeed i can multitask! But, that makes me guilty. Having my attention on one stuff is better than to have a burned fish, tissue papers all over the room by zendra, and blog draft floods. Ok, i will lie low a bit: finished cooking first, have my girl slept, then pc. Now, that's a challenge. hahaha!

25 October 2011

My Niece RAYA Wins

My niece Raya is my sister Kai's only daughter. She's 6 years old and at Kindergarten. Obviously, she loves to sing. She was a contestant at Kindergarten Got Talent in their school.
Luckily, she won the grand prize! Hurray!

For curiosity sake, she sang the song "Tomorrow"(The Sun'll Will Come Out)
I guess she actually masterpieced that lovely song.
I didn't post the video here. it's so shaky. My sister was more nervous, yah know. =)

We're proud of you RAYA!

The very nice peach tutu' is actually sewed for my little girl Zendra, but my niece used it first for the contest. If there is the best dress contest, she could have won too. =)

24 October 2011

A "Plankton" Day

Sheldon James Plankton as we all know is Spongebob Squarepants' nemesis. In life, we just can't avoid "anatagonists". one of them is "being sick". My daughter's had been sick last week and she didn't go to pre-school for a week. I even talked to her teachers last wednesday informing them, Zendra might be back this monday (today) in pre-school.

Me: "Do i still need to get a medical certificate for my daughter for a 5-day absence?" i asked Teacher Cinzia.
Cinzia. "no. it's ok, as long as she doesn't have contagious disease (such as chicken pox, measles, etc)"
Me: "Just colds, cough & fever...nothing serious", i replied.
"So, see you on Monday!", said Cinzia.
Me: "See yah." i bid goodbye.

Yesterday, my friend, Winnie, and her daughter Maxim, with her cousin Jona went here to visit Zendra. The two little girls had some fun playing. Zendra's a bit crying and complaining about her right ear. Some liquids are pouring from her ears. OMG! what the....?
I asked my friend Winnie what to do, because Maxim had that experience before. She told me to wash with "acqua ossigenata" (hydrogen peroxide), as what her pediatrician told her to do.
Mine was already expired (it's been a long time i haven't used that), so Winnie suggested, "take mine, i got a new one in the house as well as the anti-biotics that the pedia had prescribed.
"Ok." i answered.
So around 8:45pm i went out with them towards their house. all the pharmacies were almost closed at those hours, so i'm grateful my friend got what i need. i was back home around 9:30pm, ate dinner, washed zendra and watched tv. i would say every hour of the night, i was checking my daughter's ear. it was the first time that happened to her. i was a bit glad she slept.

I was already awaken around 5:58am. i checked zendra..a bit of fluid had dried behind her ears, so i washed it out softly, not to awaken her. poor little girl. it must have been irritating.

I decided not to bring her to pre-school (again) today. If i brought her, for sure the teachers will call me to pick her up again if they noticed something's wrong with zendra. so, it would be a useless decision. I walked my son Jaki to school around 8:15am.

Jaki: "Mamma, you can just leave here at the gate, you don't need to wait for the ring to bell and wait for me to go inside, so you can go back to Kiara", my son told me. He's a good little brother.
Me: "Ok, just don't run ok? Ciao!"

Going back home, i stopped by at the bread store and bought 1 bottle of fresh milk.
Zendra is still sleeping when i open the door. my hub's cousin is watching tv.

Around 9:30am i finally found my pediatrician's fone free. From 8am to 10am, you're lucky to find her fone free. always busy!
So, i talked to her and told her about zendra's situation. She advised me to give her "tacchipirina" syrup (paracetamol for kids) every 8 hrs, even she doesn't have a fever. She wants me to bring my daughter around 8:15pm today at the clinic, but i just can't. i am at work that time. so we reset the schedule for tomorrow around 1:30pm.

I keep on checking zendra. from time to time liquids pour from her ear, but she doesn't complain of pain. she was just irritated everytime i clean her ear. poor baby of mine. with a bit of colds and cough, i guess she had suffered enough last week. and, i suffered more seeing her agitated.

Another thing going on, my cousin who used to babysit for my kids when i go to work was now in the hospital, not really feeling so well. Oh my! I panicked in a second...and called my husband.

Hub: "ask someone there..."
Me: "i guess there will be someone home at 4pm so i can get Jaki in school, leave Zendra at home, then leave them later when i have to go to work."
Hub: "ok..i'll be home around 6:45pm"

...i'm just sighing here.
if only i can be with them until tonight...

i hope tomorrow will be a better day.
i want a SpongeBob lively day...no more plankton's.

22 October 2011

Hello Autumn!

Autumn leaves are falling,
Tree colors changing,
Air continues to freeze,
Autumn is really here.

Zendra's Toddler Rules

Soon my kids will be grown-ups and i won't be able to go back to the time when they were toddlers. so, while they are still small, i never miss a thing on their lives. Lights, camera & click!

Here's (so far) a compilation of Zendra's Rules

If you don't even smile, your sense of humor is not functioning well.
Go see a shrink (kiddin') =D

21 October 2011

TGIF #32: Something I Dreamed Of

It's another Friday once again. I was thinking of what would be my FIVE-day today.
I was browsing on something about a film and i was brought to Viva Productions site and saw a BIG concert promotion.
Wow! Two of my favorite musicians will finally be together in one concert!

1) i don't know how to shriek in silence when i saw this promo poster on line. OMG! i will terribly miss this big event. sigh sigh and lots of sigh. Concert King Martin Nievera and Side A, the country's number one band will kick off Viva's 30th anniversary celebration with a concert titled ALL FOR 1 at the Araneta Coliseum on November 11, 2011.

2) Honestly i haven't seen them both in concerts yet. Poor me. I wish they will tour here in Milan one day. So here's the ticket prices: (in philippine peso of course). If i had been home i would sure picked the Patron A, with my good friend Lyn, who happened to be a Side A fanatic too (lucky her, when she got the chance she always follow the Band's gig and had lots of fotos with the members)

PATRON A - 3750
PATRON B - 3500
LOWER BOX - 3500
UPPER BOX A - 1500
UPPER BOX B - 1000
GA - 400

3) I would say, during their rehearsals, it would be like so much songs and fun. Who would not know Martin Nievera's "madness". I am a huge fan (years ago) of his M.A.D (Martin After Dark). Ok, the mere fact that he's talkative and haven't really speaking in pure tagalog. he can't really speak well the native language actually. that made a lot of people tagged him as mayabang or other terms related to that. but, who cares, when he sing songs, it's just awesome!

4) So, here's a quick peek of what the guys have been doing lately in preparations for the coming concert.

5) And, this FOREVERMORE song by the SIDE A Band is one of my favorites among their songs. My first favorite though was TIME TO LET GO, from their very first "White" album.

....Ok...and i will be completely sighing here and will be waiting for the clips or cd's/dvd's of that concert. Goodluck Guys!

19 October 2011

From London, with Love

Dorothy is a registered nurse back in the Philippines and found her way to London, England. My hub's cousin, Philip is a registered nurse too in the Philippines and found his way here in Milan, Italy. Love knows no boundaries! Maybe a lot of long distance love affair don't last that long, but somehow, Dorothy & Philip makes that love more exciting than ever, even far away from each other. They are now engaged and will get married by January 2012.

This is Dorothy's first visit in Italy. I wished i was there with them to stroll around Milan. My little daughter's sick, so i need to stay home. My hub made it up for us.

But, of course, Dorothy want to see Zendra and me, so they went straight to our home and brought personally the gifts from london. Wow! i got 1 pack of Marks & Spencer underwears and a scarf! Love them! Thanks Dorothy.

My hub got a Nike tshirt and my son got a Nike windbreaker, and of course, my little princess had a british style dress, completed with a nice hat. Even a bit sick, Zendra was excited to fit/wear the dress and smile a bit for the camera.

I am glad, these two lovers met finally after 6 or 7 years of not really seeing each other in flesh. I won't be on their wedding next year, so i wish them all the success and happiness in the world.