30 June 2013

Foto #30: Mango-holic

This is not addiction.
This is called hoarding! =)

29 June 2013

Foto #29: Never Seen Bluer Than Blue

My Nikon had gone to a lot of places, cities and countries. And, one of the most beautiful countries i have ever seen is Holland. The never ending blue skies and green surroundings are amazing.
I'm kind of missing it. Sure, i will be back here soon.

28 June 2013

Foto #28: Miracle

For me, i call it a "miracle", 'cause i don't have a green thumb.
The question is, how long will this beautiful tulip last?

27 June 2013

Foto #27: Throwback Thursday Today

Throwback Thursday is a trend on facebook and instagram, or other social network sites.
Let me just add the "Today" here.
It always makes me smile to see the "Then and Now" thing.

I guess my little girl once on her mind, dreamed of a long, long hair when she grows up.
She was barely 4 months here. (left foto)
Now, she's 4 years old and with a long, long hair!

Dreams do come true.
You just have to wish it well. 

26 June 2013

Foto #26: Let the Chocolates Talk

This is my favorite vessel in the kitchen.
I don't need to put a sign "It's mine, don't touch it!"
Because, everyone in the house knew they will be in trouble if they did.

I love Baci chocolates. (Baci, pronounced as Bat-tsi, in english, "kisses")
I love its taste. It's a dark chocolate with almond nuts inside.
Most of all, i love the quotes inside each chocolates.

If you happened to be in my kitchen, don't be shy to grab some.
Just put back the quotes inside the vessel, ok?

25 June 2013

Foto #25: Human Psychology

I love that subject during my college days: Human Psychology.
I love studying human minds.
To the point, that i graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
All humans are the same, i mean literally the same.
We all breath, we all eat, we all sleep, we all talk, we all cry, we all love, etc. etc.

We are all different.
No one is ever alike;  Not even twins, clones, carbon copied or photocopied.

That's the beauty of humans.
WE are ALL the same: UNIQUE!

24 June 2013

Foto #24: Souvenirs

I collect fridge magnets.
I collect post cards.
I collect mugs.
I collect t-shirts.
I collect entrance tickets.
I collect train/bus tickets.
I collect souvenirs.
I collect memories.

23 June 2013

Foto #23: I Saw The Sign

Literally, i love taking photos of the road signs, specially when i travel to other countries or other cities/places. I don't know why, but i'm just fascinated by them. Ironically, i'm not the type of person who's good in maps and directions. I simply get lost even my second time or third time. I just don't have that "good memory on roads". I just rely on "signs".

22 June 2013

Foto #22: Super Brother

Seven years of difference in age.
It doesn't matter.
She argues, she fights, she bickers with him
and yet, she idolize him.

21 June 2013

Foto #21: Don't Fear BIG

We all face fear at some point. 
Yet, there's no BIG thing that we cannot conquer.

Know the truth, know your strengths, commit to the battles of LIFE.
Be the "DAVID". Overcome "GOLIATH".

20 June 2013

Foto #20: April Fotoshoot

This is it. The photo cd has arrived from the photographer, Arianna Curro'. Almost 2 months to wait. I can't wait to see the photos!

19 June 2013

Foto #19: Freebies

Who the hell cares about Simmenthal?
We do!
We love it.
We have fridge magnets, stationaries, clips, and obviously canned goods.
We have stocks of it, for free.
Thanks to my mom, who works there.

By the way, it's corned beef!

18 June 2013

Foto #18: I Love Films

The Exorcist. 
I was 13 when i saw this on big screen. I screamed my hearts out. Up to now, i still picture Linda Blair turning her heads 360 degrees. I love horror films. And probably this very film had made me a film lover since then. 


- I got almost 300 dvd films i guess. Concerts not included yet. I got lost counting.

- I got this Warner Brothers book of films. 

- I am a frustrated scriptwriter. I had imagined a lot of good stories to tell. So surreal. Maybe won't work.

- I can watch more than 10 times my favorite films without being annoyed. (Armageddon, Shawshank Redemption, Pretty Woman, The Exorcist, The Proposal, etc)

- I buy CD soundtracks when i really feel the movie. (Pretty Woman, Bridget Jones Diary, You've Got Mail, etc.)

- I can have a movie marathon all night and day, when i'm lazy to do something else.

Now, don't wonder why my eldest son is taking up Bachelor of Arts in Film. =)

17 June 2013

Foto #17: Letting Go

For a child, letting go of her favorite shoes is as painful as to the adult who loved and lost.

(translated in english, 'coz she talks italian with a bit of tagalog)

Z: "Mamma, why are you throwing these shoes?"(upon seeing me putting it in the trash box)
Me: "It's already old and broken."
Z: "No, i love these red shoes. It's still fine."
Me: "It's already small and it has a hole...if it rains your feet will get wet." (i invented "the hole thing)
Z: (Made a face...a bit sad/annoyed)
Me: "Don't worry i will buy you a new one, another red shoes ok?"
Z: (thinking)...
Me: "OK?"
Z: "OK!"

Z: "But, can you just tear off those two hearts, Mamma so i can paste it on my new shoes?"

I just smile ....

16 June 2013

Foto #16: Friendship

Whether you like it or not, 
We all need friends!

15 June 2013

Foto #15: Share It With----

I love the Coca-Cola campaign here in Italy: personalized bottles!

Yesterday, me and my daughter Z went for a grocery and decided to buy some soft drinks.
Look at we've found. We practically "opened" up a lot of six-bottled packs to look for names of someone we knew. (Buti walang pumapasin sa amin kabubukas ng packs)  =)
Surprisingly, almost some of the names of the classmates of Zendra in school were available. She kept on saying "Mamma, get this one...and this one..." We got 8 bottles. 
I highlighted "LUIGI" 'cause it reminds me of my nephew back home. I will reserve "his" coke bottle for him. Souvenir! 

14 June 2013

Foto #14: Reminders

I will not write an original composition today. I will share here some good reads i have found on the net. Learn from it.

Source: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/11-important-thoughts-and-reminders-for-your-everyday-life/


IMPORTANT: The thing about positive reinforcement and motivation is that often times it wears off. We’re all prone to rejection, setbacks, negative funks, heartbreak and misfortune beyond our control. Those things can seem like (or actually be) sicknesses, and sometimes the right combination of words serves as medicine. Hopefully this isn’t an excruciatingly painful tablespoon of “fruit” flavored cough syrup, and more like not-so-bad instant relief and a cure for the common rut — but make it last. I hope this lands on your bulletin board, in your bookmarks, or somewhere for you to refer to on dull days and difficult times.
1. You woke up this morning! A lot of people didn’t. And a lot of people who did, won’t survive the day. This isn’t to depress you or make you think about death and get sad and stuff, it’s just a reminder that we’ve hit the jackpot having the opportunity of life. There’s always something or someone to be grateful for right this second, we just have to stop letting monotony diminish the value of and our appreciation for friends, family, good health, food, water, technology, and all that other amazing stuff. Gratitude y’all.
2. There are some flat out mean-spirited individuals who have made spewing hate and negativity their sole purpose. When you identify one of these discouraging people trying to drag you down, slow your drive, crush your confidence or compact your dreams, don’t engage. Don’t react as if their words hold any merit, and don’t seek revenge. That will only veer you off track and turn you into a pessimist yourself. Do what you do and slap a hater in the face with success.
3. Don’t compare or concern yourself with everybody else. We all know that person who is so successful, every time you speak to them it makes you want to go home and work on your résumé, but any time spent envying others or wondering why you can’t be in their position should be used productively, pursuing whatever makes you happy. There’s always someone doing a lot better than you and there’s always someone doing much worse.
4. If there’s something you want, but it’s high risk, high reward — take that chance before you’re no longer able to. Rejection feels bad, failure feels awful, but regret feels the worst. Disappointment that we passed on something and the train left the station without us. A dream, a girl, a guy, words left unspoken – you can erase the possibility of having these regrets down the road, by taking a chance and at least knowing if it was or wasn’t meant to be.
5. All of the best things will eventually end. I personally hate endings, I won’t even listen to the last track on albums all the way through, skipping back to the beginning before it can finish playing all the way through. The thing is, your current group of friends, the weekend routines you’ve adopted in recent months, the group of co-workers you adore – eventually people move, you leave, casts and locations change, and suddenly it’s a whole new show. Thoroughly enjoy whatever it is you’re enjoying until you right now becomes, “Remember back when…
6. Don’t judge. You ain’t Judy, you ain’t Joe Brown, and you definitely aren’t God, so refrain from condemning and labeling others. I know, it’s easy to make assumptions and have preconceived notions, but that’s why prejudice, narrow-minded folks, who confuse their opinions with facts and know exactly how everyone else should be living life are so common. We live in a world where passing judgment is commonplace and tolerant, accepting people are an endangered species. Remember, you simply don’t know a person’s background based on past experiences with individuals of the same gender, race, sexual orientation, belief system, etc.
7. If you there’s anything you’re doing that makes you unhappy, and it’s being done for the satisfaction of somebody else, stop it immediately. No ifs, ands or buts — your time and happiness should never be sacrificed to fulfill the standards or satisfaction of others.
8. You can’t remain at a job or in a career field that you despise. When your days off are spent dreading having to return to work or class, you’ve got to get out. It’s easy to think, I have bills to pay and this or that reason to stay miserable, and if that’s entirely true then you have to do what you can to live, but there are still ways of forming a hasty exit plan. Save up the funds to take an extended leave, apply at the place you actually wantto work, take some type of progressive step toward a means of living that you find happiness in. That first step is always the hardest to take.
9. Use your words! If you don’t know the answer, ask. Too often we try to read people’s minds instead of asking, and hoping for others to read ourminds instead of us having to speaking about what’s on ‘em. Communication over psychic abilities all day, every day.
10. Live below your means and you’ll be a lot better off. Even if you’ve mastered the paycheck-to-paycheck life (which is actually like beingreally good at being really bad at something), budgeting and not buying what you really can’t afford will result in less stress and close calls.
11. Some problems you’ll have the power to change, other things will be beyond your control. Identify which type of issue you’re dealing with. If you’ve got some say in the matter, let your figurative voice be heard. When it’s literally out of your hands, have faith and believe it’ll improve. If a situation ever gets so bad that you feel as if you don’t have the energy or power to muster up wishing for a miracle anymore, just remember that there’s always a chance it’ll get better, no matter what it is. Keep fighting the good fight.

13 June 2013

Foto #13: Experience Nature

Get closer to nature.

Smell the flowers.
Feel the fresh breeze.
Listen to the birds.
Taste berries.
Picnic by the river.
Walk in the woods.
Swim in the lake.
Feel the heat.

Smile with nature.
You'll never feel alone.

12 June 2013

Foto #12: "Help"

We are not super heroes. They only exist in the movies or magazines or comics.
Certainly we can't fly, have x-ray visions and lift a whole airplane like what the super heroes do.
Super heroes don't cry for "Help".

We do!

Asking for help is not a sign of being weak. No one is perfect.
Self-reliance is a good thing, but we also need to be strong enough to accept that we also need someone.

We have to let go of the problems that no one can fix. If we need help to lift up some burdens, don't be afraid.

Just ask for help.

11 June 2013

Foto #11: The Z Cake

When i say "Z", i'm referring to my daughter Zendra. I used to call her Z for short usually on captions or blogs. She loves the color violet, and she loves playing with clays.

Today is my best friend's birthday. As a tribute, Z "made" an octopus cake using her clay.

10 June 2013

Foto #10: Good Reads

I love books and i love reading them.
I love a lot of authors. one of them is John Grisham.
I am always fascinated of the mystery, crime solving and a bit of suspense books.
Among his novels i read (and watch on film) were, Time To Kill, The Firm, The Chamber, The Client, The Pelican Brief and the Runaway Jury.

The only one i haven't finished reading yet (foto above), is "The Painted House"

Wish me luck!

09 June 2013

Foto #09: Meoooow!

You can leave your cat alone in the house, just don't let them get hungry.
Hub's boss asked a favor to feed her cat for three days.
She's generous to pay him double and gave this cute gift can with chocolates inside from the Netherlands.

08 June 2013

Foto #08: My Favorite Model

i'm not a photographer.
but i love taking photos.
from the moment she was born, i never miss taking a photo of her each day.
don't ask me how many pictures she have to this date.

she's 4 years old. 
now count the days in a year....
and times it 10. =)

07 June 2013

Foto #07: Good Morning!

We should always have a reason to wake up in the morning.

My little daughter got these two reasons. =)

06 June 2013

Foto #06: Small Wonders

"There are no seven wonders of the world. In the eyes of a child, there are seven million."
Walt Steightiff

I was watching my little girl while she's in the living room. She always love to rearrange or play with the small stuffs displayed on the table. i saw her putting this doll on top of the miniature of Arena di Verona, then she giggles/laughs each time the doll falls. How fortunate the children were, for they are always "allowed" to fantasize about things without being criticized. 

Let the children play. Let them wonder even with the smallest things.

05 June 2013

Foto #05: What's on Your Fridge?

some put kid's designs/drawings on the fridge. some put the bills to pay. some put reminders or notes. i put magnets! (lots of it now).

i love fridge magnets. each time i travel, i bought at least one souvenir magnet. not necessarily about the place, just something i like in that particular instance.

what's on your fridge?

04 June 2013

Foto #04: Rewind/Forward

Just how many times in our lives that we wished we had a life remote control, and we can simply "rewind" everything, start all over again; or "forward" and make the things around us fast, leaving our fears behind. Admit it, once in a while you just want to push that button "rewind" to recapture the good memories, as well as, push that button "forward" to make our dreams come true right away. Not to mention the "stop or pause" buttons, we all wished life can be remote controlled.

A wish for a "rewind".
Each one of us have this kind of "guilt". A bit of regret. 
Each one of us have this "want-to-go-back-in-time" wish, and get things more right. Say sorry for whom you've hurt. Or the other way around, you've been hurt and you just want to go back and not be hurt.

A wish for a "forward".
Each of us have this kind of "i need to know." A bit of a hint.
Each of us have this "want-to-go-fast-forward-in-life" wish, and see what the future brings. 
See beyond the present.

But hey, let's push the "stop or pause" button first.

"Stop" and realize things about the past. Learn from your mistakes. Smile from your old memories.
Use those experiences, mistakes and learnings in order to be a better person onwards.
"Pause". Take one step at a time. We all walk before we run. 

Just push the "Play" button. Live your life now.

03 June 2013

Foto #03: Second Life

Be creative.
Dare to do something new from something old.
Give another life to things you think have been no use at all.


(This was made by my son Jaki in school. 
It was actually the bottom of plastic bottles, cut, melted and shaped, to become a flower)

02 June 2013

Foto #02: Then Concert It Is!

These concert tickets had been like a tennis ball for quite a week. These was from my mom's friend, and given to her.

Now, let me tell you how these tickets landed finally on my hands.

Two weeks ago, a filipina (not really a friend) who writes article for a filipino magazine here contacted me if the TFC (The Filipino Channel) Europe can interview me and my daughter to be featured on this tv show on June 2. They will be coming directly from Rome for the concert event here in Milan. So, i said yes, why not? That would be interesting. I mean for the first time, a filipino tv will feature Zendra as one of the filipina kid models here abroad. The first interview i made (since zendra was only 3 years old then) was on german tv which featured kid models for a fashion show. I was shy, but since i talked in english, i guess i pulled it gracefully. Pity, i wasn't able to see it on tv. It's german. Hard to search for i can't understand the language.

Zendra had been featured in different magazines worldwide, but no single filipino magazine. Ironically, Zendra is a filipina. It would give us pride for her, to be recognized as a little filipina making a name abroad, right?

So there, from that particular call, until yesterday morning i patiently wait for the TFC staff to call or confirm for that "interview". At least to give me details of the interview, what to bring, what to do and most of all, where to go. Nada! I never call them because i didn't know their personal numbers. The one contacted me recently disactivated her account.

On the other hand, an italian photographer of mine 4 days ago contacted me for a project for June 2, too. I obviously refused her that day, because of this TFC interview. Yesterday, i said yes to her, "we are available". I already gave the notice to my friend who will be "interviewed" too that we had a pictorial out of Milan, so we will not be available for the TFC thing. Period.

I called my babysitter if she's interested to watch the said concert because mom had two excess tickets. She said she's interested, but around 8pm yesterday, she texted she can't make it.

I got a message yesterday, from my friend-photographer around 10pm, that they can't make it for June 2. They were still "trapped" with work out of Milan and it would be impossible to be able to organize early Sunday morning for the pictorial. Anyway, the deadline's on June 7, we can rearrange the schedule for Zendra. So, i said, "no problem, just call us."

My husband had an extra work this Sunday, and i asked him if he can work early morning. I will get the tickets from mom and we can just watch the concert later. He said, "ok, just call me where you are and i'll meet you and the kids."

This morning 8am, i called my mom and asked her for these tickets.
"I won't make the interview anymore...the pictorial had been packed-up...we'll just join you at the concert."

If the tickets can talk, i wonder what will they say. =)

01 June 2013

Foto #01: Welcoming June

This is it. Another challenge to myself. Actually i had started a photo blog for my daughter, Zendra. But due to the hectic schedules, i missed 2 months and i didn't get to really complete the 365 photos/days i was aiming. I got other pages to attend too, so i have to confess i failed my goal. Anyway, i promised to myself i'm gonna start again with a personal photo blog. Photos that i personally captured with my Nikon D60. It's not as new as the latest DSLR's around, but, what's important, i can play with it from time to time. Thanks again for the challenge and inspiration, my friend BETCHAY who's a great photographer/blogger.

I love photos, really! i love capturing things and moments.

I'm not a photographer. I don't know how to really use a professional camera. How to mix up with the lights and all.
So, bear with me. I'm just having fun.

Here's my number 01 photo of the day. My Nikon camera lens cover on top of a sunflower.

Welcome June!