28 September 2010

second chances

i'm dying to have the lyrics of this song.
can't find any. help, anyone?

i can smell it

an early walk in the park...
my cam can't resist the colors of the trees
i can smell autumn!

27 September 2010


it's a rainy monday! it means we're stucked in the house.
will i survive?

26 September 2010

everything change

When Everything Change, Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsh

"please sit down.
no, really.
sit down."

those first words of the book made me really sat down. i heard about this book from my friend Dew. and partly i blamed her (just kiddin'!), for i literally missed my subway train stop, reading this book. it's a "can't-stop-reading" stuff. it's not just a book. it's like a manual for a better perception of changes in life.


the changes in your life are not going to stop.
what can be changed is the way you deal with change and the way you're changed by change.
life is movement. movement is change. every time a sub molecular particle swings through time and space, something is changing. change therefore is inevitable. it is the nature of life itself.
the trick of life is not to avoid change, but to create change. then, it is the kind of change you choose.

sometimes what change brings us is the fear that we will never get to where we wanted to go: that life will continue to do nothing but take away our hopes and our dreams, rob us of opportunities, kill our spirit, and strip us of raison d'etre. all of this is normal. it's understandable that you would feel that way.

9 changes that change everything:

1. change your decision to "go it alone"
2. change your choice of emotions
3. change your choice of thoughts
4. change yoir choice of truths
5. change your idea about change itself
6. change your idea about why change occurs
7. change your idea about future change
8. change your idea about life
9. change your identity

there are five things a person must do to successfully and powerfully implement the nine changes that can change everything:

1. desire absolutely
2. understand thoroughly
3. embrace completely
4. enact consistently
5. share wisely

everything is already changing, and if we want it to change in the direction that we choose, we have to change everything.
so start with yourself, then touch others.


read the book...it will give you good changes!

25 September 2010


we were all excited about the new vending machine installed in my place of work.
we can actually use now our badge card to buy something. we bid goodbye to our old vending machine key.

first day: D*mned! practically ate .60euro cents from my card!
i ordered for 2 mineral waters.
didn't get any.

2nd day: see? a santal pineapple juice was stucked already!

3rd day: still not working

the other machine works though (only for that day)

fresh orange juice anyone? costs 1.80 euro. what?!

2nd week: i found a note posted at the machine

it says: "it's disgusting! change this... also the other one!"

the other machine is out of service too.

end of the week: another note that says: 9.50euro was stolen by the machine. this machine never really function at all!

i'm looking forward next week. i'm having fun capturing the employees' notes!

should i post: "crap!"

24 September 2010

TGIF #22: something to be proud of

i'll be talking about my niece FAE. she's my 2nd brother's (JUN) daughter. she's 16 years old.

5 things why we are all proud of her:

1.) She practically grew up with my eldest son...they're like sister and brother. she's a typical teenager who enjoys life, have fun with friends, but never miss classes and remain to be a good student.

2.) She plays the piano and the guitar. most of all, she sings very well.

3.) Last year she won the grand prize as FAITH Idol when she was in high school. Her very first school competition.

4.) She is in her freshmen years now in college and compete for another singing contest @ their school: Lyceum of The Philippines-Laguna. she won the 2nd runner up award. wow!

semi-final round


5.) Incidentally, the final night was her mother's birthday. what a nice present for her! my brother here was so rejoiceful, as well as my mom and me, of course!

Congrats Fae!

23 September 2010


The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.

dear heart

Sino ang makakalimot sa love story ni April at Jimmy?

Ang tag-lish ng mga kolehiyalas those days. "kadiri-to-death", "kilig-to-the-bones"?

Ang umaalingaw-ngaw na "I don't Want You To Go" at "Come What May" ni Lani Hall?

Ang nakakakilig na love team ni Gabby at Sharon?

Kung inabot mo ang panahong 'yun..isa ka na sa mapapangiti, di ba?

Emote muna tayo sa song ni Sharon...

Dear heart,

ikaw raw ay batang-bata

At di mo pa kayang mag-isa

Sa bawat kaba, alam ba nila

Ang pag-ibig mong nadarama

Di ka binigyan ng layang magmahal

Sa batang katulad mo ito'y bawal

Balang araw magugulat ang lahat

Ikaw pala'y di na isang bata, dear heart

Sa bawat kaba, alam ba nila

Ang pag-ibig mong nadarama

Di ka binigyan ng layang magmahal

Sa batang katulad mo ito'y bawal

Balang araw magugulat ang lahat

Ikaw pala'y di na isang bata, dear heart

Dear heart

mother's handbook

everybody deserves a quiet ME-Time!

i love this handbook (Prayers & Promises for Mohters, by Rachel Quillin & Nancy Farrier)
it makes me closer to God, to myself, to my kids.

22 September 2010

new but old

my old nokia 5070 is now having its glitches. the keys for numbers 4-5-6 give me numbers 1-2-3, no matter how i repeat the process. aaargggh! i'm not much of a hi-tech fan. i'm using 3 sim cards here, so as long as i can call or send message thru my cellphones, i don't mind how old my cp models are.

i only bought this old model N5030 for 29.90euro! i won't settle for a 299 euro fone. =)

21 September 2010

mother's love

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world.
It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly
all that stands in its path.

i got a "G"

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

that means my blogs are

what's yours?

letting go

some old stuffs are hard to let go. i already threw hundreds of my vhs collection.
yeah, you read it right--hundreds! i already lost count of my VHS. it has been 300+ i guess.
i'm a movie-fanatic!
but, they've been sleeping in the basement for 3 years or so.
blame it to the dvd's.

i'm gonna say goodbye this week to the the ones left. =(

20 September 2010


sometimes we have to try our luck!
142 Million Euro.
1-90, only 6 numbers will win.
nothing is impossible if you try, right?

18 September 2010


(Francesca Woodman: July 16-Oct. 24, 2010
Palazzo della Ragione, Milano)

i visited recently woodman's exhibit. the fotos were intriguing.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams


nothing can beat a "pinoy breakfast":
sinangag na kanin with itlog at dilis! swabe!

16 September 2010

K & K

K for Kristina.....K for Kiara

we had fun this thursday:

Piazza Duomo
Colonna di San Lorenzo
Francesca Woodman foto exhibit
MiTo Mini Jazz Concert

13 September 2010


(she got her pink shoes. i decided to buy red for me)

"My Mom has always been one of my biggest inspirations
and the wisdom she has given me over the years has helped shaped the person that I am today.
i hope my daughter will say the same thing to me when she grows up..."

first day

school opens today: september 13, 2010

my son, Jaki is grade four already? that fast?

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.

12 September 2010

gettin' ready

i always love the smell of new pens & school supplies...

my son's ready for the school tomorrow.

11 September 2010

mega bites

each time a relative or a friend goes home (in the philippines) i won't forget to "ask"
Goldilocks polvoron and uraro as "pasalubong".

the power of giving

have you ever counted how much have you've been given?
have you ever thought how much impact you're giving has become, to one or two people?
have you ever wanted more to give?

i told myself: if i can give little or big, i'm a powerful one!

The Power of Giving - Azim Jamal & Harvey Mckinnon

we live in a world of violence, human suffering and environmental destruction. what can we, as caring beings, do to help heal the wounds of others and reduce their pains? what can we do to heal our own personal wounds and diminish our own suffering?

we can give. everyone has something to give, be it time, money, wisdom, love or a variety of other things.
we can accomplish miracles through our giving. giving ideas, skills, and resources can dramatically improve the world we live in.

have you ever heard the saying, "we may only be one person in the world, but we may be the world to one person"? each of us, if we choose can give hope, love, and healing. and the first person you need to give to might even be yourself.

the positive impact of giving remains long after we die, as we live on, in the memories and good feelings of our friends, family, and community. all else is forgotten.

Key Points from the Book:

-everyone can give something. even if you can't give money or material objects, you can give time, knowledge, wisdom, skills, leadership, attention, touch, advice, hope, laughter, or love. love is a universal need and spans all countries, cultures and faiths.

- those who are blessed with knowledge and wisdom have a responsibility to share their knowledge and wisdom.

- time and money are both valuable resources. give as much as you can of them both.

- if you give people skills, you empower them.

- physical touch is a basic human need.

- enhancing your communciation skills will benefit you and those you care about.

- when you give an attentive ear, you are giving utmost respect.

- give what you need most in order to experience the real power of giving.

- take a balanced approach to life and to giving.

- charity begins at home. start by loving yourself. it is not wrong to give to yourself. to look after others, you have to look after yourself first.

- make a conscious effort to give daily to your family. it forms the foundation of your giving.

- children hold the power to make our world better and our future bright and peaceful. the best gift we can give our children is to teach them to give.

- we build heart fiber in our children by giving them the values and virtues that build a strong character.

- extend your giving to your community.

- give to nonprofit social organizations. there is an incredible variety of options for giving.

- give to the planet - it has been given to us in trust, we must take care of our environment to be able to pass on to our children what our ancestores gave us.