16 March 2010

godmother again

i got this picture/message this morning, and i proudly said "YES!". i would love to be a part of this significant event. my childhood friend's (Ted) daughter, Rania will be baptized and i'm one of the "ninangs" (godmother). ted's wife, dewie and i haven't physically met, but thru facebook we're developing a good friendship.

being a godmother is not just for the sake of being a "kumare". it's another responsibility one has to accept. honestly, i can't exactly count how many godchildren i have right now. i only attended 6 of them back in the philippines because of my availability. i can't fly from milan to phil. everytime there's a baptism going on. would had cost me millions of pesos for the airfare if i was present in all the events.

but being far away from home, i'm easy to reach. a simple email, text message, call or invitation will do. i'm always proud of myself being a second mother to a child that's not my own. i never say no.

anyway, my congratulations to ted and dewie for having a cute daughter. wishing rania good health and all the happiness that life could bring.

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