30 March 2010

domestic disasters

Bummer no. 1

i'm not used wearing wrist watch at home. a lot of times i put it inside my pocket when i'm dressed up. it's one of my "memory gap"days. i forgot to check it inside my jeans pocket and there it was...helplessly soaked in the washing machine!

still steamy inside. tic..toc..tic..toc. breathing...she'll survived.

Bummer no. 2

"Hurricane Zendra" was on the loose while i'm busy at the kitchen. this happened to be her brother's fave books when he was a toddler. his brother is too keen in keeping his books alive and well. he will be quite devastated to see this book torn into pieces by her little sister. i'm ready for my son's preach. sigh.

Bummer no. 3

"Typhoon Zendra" hit again! she pulled my printer's cover! there was nothing else i can do.

when you have a one-year old at home and a mother with memory gaps, chances are domestic disasters are inevitable. just get ready with scotch tapes, glue and whatever, to fix the tragic consequences.

1 comment:

butterfly said...

my watch survived! 100% well