24 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/13

Ready for Christmas Eve Party.
Haven't used high heels for almost 20 years. OMG!
I will brave this 3-inch shoes tonight.
I hope i won't break a leg, literally =)

23 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/12

These were gifts from my boss, Gilda.
For me, and my two kids.
I am hiding it from them for the 25th.
I wonder what's inside.

22 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/11

H&M dress

Christmas Wish List No. 2: A glittering outfit

We'll have a party on the eve of the 24th, welcoming the Christmas.
Motiff is glitz. I've been looking all over Milan to buy a simple outfit. I saw this online.
Hope i would find one similar.

21 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/10

Should be the "end of the world" today according to the Mayan Prophecy.
Janine Tugonon of Philippines won yesterday 1st runner-up in Miss Universe Pageant.
Zen would be next to wear the crown.
Wish lang!

20 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/9

Zendra's Christmas Party in school.
What else would you expect with an italian school. Boring!
Just a song and some activities for kids.
Meryendang hindi nakakabusog and all.
Anyway, kids never mind, they enjoyed pa rin.

19 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/8

Early Christmas present from her grandma Nancy, a mini washing machine, that works. cool!
The socks is from my friend. Arte-arte ni Zendra. She just pose that way.

18 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/7

Home made biscuits by parents!

Parents had an activity today in school.
Pity i wasn't available to work with them.
They made biscuits.
Every kid got their share, of course.

17 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/6

This is from Zendra's school.
A letter to Santa Claus.
Would the whole bond of paper fits her wishes this year?

16 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/5

She loves that Christmas head accessory!
She keeps nodding, twisting, banging her head in front of the mirror to see it moving. =)
"I will wear this on Christmas Mamma!"

15 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/4

whatever footprints we leave in this world, big or small, it will always be unique and will never be the same with others,
that will always be imprinted in the hearts of those who care for us.

Fun in the snow. What else could be enjoyable not only for a child, but most of all, for the child at heart.
Christmas is really fast approaching.
-2°C today!

14 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/3

Parco Scheibler

It's snowing today. I see white everywhere.
Would it be a White Christmas?

13 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/2

Apple's Ipad Mini

Christmas Wish List No. 1

HUB: "what do you want for Christmas?"
ME: "Ipad Mini!" (without bathing an eyelash)
HUB: --silence--

He was smiling though....

12 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/1

i will be counting down my thirteen days of Christmas.
12 days is just so redundant for the season.
maiba naman.

for  Jaki
Lego Hero Factory

my boss gave me a 10euro gift check for La Feltrinelli Bookstore. so, i intentionally went to the bookstore today, to use the gift card. i bought the magazine, Bambino Sarai Tu, which features Zendra inside. I bought another one for my italian friend. So, that totaled 6euro. I thought, i still have 4 more euros left to spend that gift card. just near the cashier, i saw these lego toys and checked the prices. Ok, this Stringer with 200 pieces costs 8euro. Ok for the budget, 2 euro lang idadagdag ko. My son, Jaki love these hero factory series, so i got one, for his birthday or Christmas. Either of the two occasions, because we usually celebrate his birthday on the 25th of December, though his birthday falls on Dec. 27. para isang handa na lang and pag-oopen ng gifts.

1 gift for Jaki: checked!

02 December 2012

23 !

Countdown today: 23 days before Christmas! We are obviously freezing here now with 1°C. They say the snow is coming anytime next week. It's a windy Sunday. I decided to bring Zendra at La Rinascente di Milano for the "exclusive shopping experience", held on the fifth floor. It was a renovated portion of the Rinascente shopping store. All for kids: toys, accessories, dress and shoes. The most chic brands were all there. The event was a collaboration of  La Rinascente, Vogue Bambini Magazine and Elizabeth Street kid's wear. But i won't elaborate so much about this for now. It's another story.

After the event, we ate pizza at Spizzico at the Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele, just near Milan's Cathedral. From there, we headed to Ecliss Milano. It's the biggest Christmas showroom in Milan. Not only the biggest, but most fabulous store for Christmas i ever visited. It only opens from October to December. 

Warning: During weekends, a long queue outside is expected. They control the people going inside to avoid so much crowd. 

Scroll down and see it for yourself. 

feel of "snow"

All the different kinds of Christmas Trees are here

Amazing "Christmas Belens"
Ganito siguro si Santa Claus pag nasa bahay lang =)

I promise myself if i will have my dreamhouse, i will put the same Christmas decor like this.
The picture isn't complete. These Christmas balls/decors are actually put
on a hanging Christmas tree in the ceiling.

Amazing musical displays, not only for Christmas

I totally lost count of different sizes and types of  Santa Claus

Cakes, pastries and chocolates!
Don't be deceived. They're all made of wax! 

Ok, it might look like a simple Christmas tree. The one i'm holding costs 35euro!

When you say "fabulous", obviously it means, COSTLY.
Don't come empty handed! =)
Visit ECLISS Milano