23 March 2010

Almost Three Years!

three years ago, we're just renting before at the next building on the 7th floor. of course, what i missed on our rented place is the top view when you're out of the balcony. this is one of my fave hub's shots during those times. he actually caught a rainbow.

when you said "house" in milan, it's actually condo type homes. we are on the fourth floor now (in another building).
here in our owned place, there's no real view at all. neighboring buildings and garage (when you look outside our balcony. see the pix up)
this is the main corridor. this is what it looks like when we bought the place. the former owner left some stuffs.
this is it now. sort of gallery with framed pix & my son's drawings.
the shelf behind that flower vase is for jaki's gormiti & bionicle collection. "parang museum"
anyone who notices the big framed pix of my hub and former president FVRamos asked, "si Ramos talaga 'yan?"of course he is. we met him at frankfurt, germany, on the same flight."

nothing much have changed here, except we painted the walls mint green.
when we bought this house, it wasn't new..so it was offered to us with a humble price (i guess). it costed us 167,000euro! too much fortune on that, right?

the nice italian lady will be getting married, that's why she's selling her (inherited) house. looking at the paperwalls, i can sense that she lived her life here since she was a baby. the wallpaper's design had said it all (baby mint green with baby designs). i haven't had the chance of really talking to her. just saw her twice.

the empty chair stole my attention. for me, she left this chair maybe because it symbolizes her--being part of this house. good memories are hard to forget. and remind us that everywhere we go, we always tend to leave a memory behind, good or bad.

well, we still have this chair down in our basement. don't know why we're still keeping it?
this is where that chair stands before. now it's my pc corner.

time just flies too fast. it's been three years!

...and still paying the bank


RipeMango said...

hi teena,

did u renovate the house? what does it look like now? can foreigners own houses there in milan?

butterfly said...

we never renovated the house na dewie. we just get rid of the stuffs left to us. wala namang nabago dyan, except we painted the house mint green inside. mahal ang wall papers.

yes, foreigners can own houses here.

RipeMango said...

katuwa naman. you write really well ha. ted told me, nagpapatulong sya sa yo dati sa english :)

kami we also don't use wallpapers, kasi ang hirap tanggalin pag sawa ka na, especially those with designs, andaling maka-sawa. tapos pag natuluan ng tubig o ulan, sagwa ng watermarks. :)

butterfly said...

thnx. you write better as i read thru your blogs. amaze nga ako sa writings mo. sarap basahin. ted instead teach me sa math, physics, whatever with numbers. genius yan sa numbers eh.

anyway, wall papers aren't good here, since sobra ang heater pag winter. madaling umitim.