13 August 2013

Foto #73: Test of Time

Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milan, Italy

The Colonne di San Lorenzo is the best-known Roman ruin in Milan. It is located in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo. It is a square with a row of columns on either side, which were taken from a temple or public bath house dating from the 2nd century. The columns were moved to their current location sometime in the 4th century. South of the columns, one of the medieval gates of the city is still in place, with Roman marbles in it.
Up until 1935, the space between the church and columns was entirely occupied by old houses abutting onto the façade of the church itself. Indeed, the church complex was fully surrounded by old houses. Despite the plans to conserve this ancient urban fabric, the renovations led to the demolition of the old houses and the isolation of the monument on the front side. Following bombing during World War II, the church complex became isolated also on the rear side, where the fenced Basilicas Park now stands, allowing popular views of the complex and of another church nearby.

Source: Wikipedia

12 August 2013

Foto #72: Walk With Love

The deeply injured knee of mine

The show must go on.
I need to enjoy my travel, even in pain when i walk.
This is the nth time i got deep bruises in the right knee. 
Why is it always the right one? 

11 August 2013

Foto #71: Believe in Yourself

Venice, Italy

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

10 August 2013

Foto #70: Little Things Mean a Lot

Vatican City Miniature, Bergamo (Italy)

You can always see the greatness, even in the most little things in the world.

09 August 2013

Foto #69: That Fast?

My niece, FAE (my brother's eldest daughter) @ Castello Sforzesco, Milan

When you blog about kids, you will find yourself a little older.

Kids really grew up so fast and you just don't notice it's been a more than decade since you've last seen them playing on their cribs. Fae is my first ever niece. My brother Jun (next to me) married so young. It's really cool though to grow up with your own kids. I can't immagine some parents who got married at the age of 40 and have kids at the age of 45. That's "too old" for me. My niece is just one year older to my eldest son, CJ. 20 more years from now, I guess and i hope, i will read a blog from both of them, writing about their kids too.

I know it will be just a blink of an eye.

08 August 2013

Foto #68: Everybody Dreams

Top view of Lake Como, Brunate

One way or another, our dreams will come true. Yet sometimes, we really need perseverance in order for them to really come true. Dreaming is free, so dream big, It doesn't matter if you aim high and go for it, as long as you don't hurt anybody in the process.

07 August 2013

Foto #67: History

Ruins inside Castello Sforzesco, Milan
15 years ago i have my photo of the same location.
Now it's my daughter's turn.
From high school to college, i have been hearing this phrase during our history subjects. Not all of histories are repeated though. Sometimes, once the mistakes were all learned, it should never be repeated. And the good history can be repeated as long as it acts for a better future.

06 August 2013

Foto #66: Wonders

Observatory Cave @ Montecarlo, Monaco, France

God put us into this world to enable us to share the wonders inside of us. You just have to understand yourself more and serve your real duty on earth.

05 August 2013

Foto #65: Beginning & Ending

Chiesa del Carmine, Milan

So while we are all in IT, we should enjoy the moments between the beginning and its ending.

04 August 2013

Foto #64: You Gotta Have Faith

Oldehove Leaning Tower, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

When we are really down, the first thing to do is look UP and say a prayer!
With God, all things are possible.

03 August 2013

Foto #63: Don't Loose Hope

I was digging old photos to be put on some empty picture frames yesterday and i found this one (foto on the left). Zendra was only 3 months here. If you will really looked into it, her face was so red. Nope, it's not the usual rashes that you get when you're a baby. Z's case is different. It was scattered too in her head and some in arms and legs. Don't ask me how many times i brought her to her pediatrician to be checked-up. We were always once or twice a week at the pediatrician's clinic. Tough! No one yet can't recognize what was on her skin. First they test everything: allergies from herbs, milk, fruits and other baby foods. I got so weak for Zendra having been injected on different parts of her body, including neck to get some good veins. They're all negative. But for precaution, they change her baby milk into a soya milk. Nothing changed. The soya milk changed into rice milk. It doesn't only costs too much, but nothing changed, again. The reddish things with liquid inside return. Strange. All day and night, i put gloves on Z's hands so she will not scratch. Of course, it's itchy and disturbing. she cries all night and we almost have no sleep. i'm starting to loose hope, really.

I brought her to a dermatologist and he gave Z a lot of medicines to take and some creams (again). 
I should say, some doctors here were not good enough. They kept on giving trial medicines. But to no effect. 

One day, her face become so red and looks like it's burning, i immediately brought her to the hospital for emergency. Finally, the allergologist came to her rescue. She was so nice and calm. She gave me a small cream to put on her face, and after 2 weeks, it's finally healed. She continue to see Zendra for about 2 months and the rashes continue to diminish. The "rashes" though continues to go away and come back. But no more liquids, just looking like a normal rush. I personally changed her milk, from rice milk to normal fresh milk, without consulting anymore her pediatrician. I don't hope anymore that these rashes on her face will ever leave Zendra. She has been through a lot of injections and medications. The chicken pox added pains and itches on her skin when she was 4 months. Poor Z. 

Looking at all her videos and photos from the 3rd month to her first birthday, they're not all that well, with all her face so red. But then again, i told myself, "mawawala din 'yan nang kanya."
I just stop the creams and medicines. I got tired of buying...it's costly and useless. I just don't put anything on Z's face. No talc, no soap, no nothing. I just use Oilatum bagno, to wash her face and body. 
Hope, hope and hope. 
A month after her first birthday, i wake up with a happier face, Zendra's red face is not red anymore. It seems like nothing has happened. Thank God!

With all her sufferings when she was a baby, i guess Zendra got her "sweet revenge"...
That is, being a kid-model now! 

02 August 2013

Foto #62: Simplicity

@ Madonna di Cornabusa, Bergamo

I just love this phrase.
Need to say more?

01 August 2013

Foto #61: 20 Days to Go

Welcoming August!
If you have been following my photo blog, you will notice i'm changing frames/borders.
That's what i want. Each month has its own look.
So anyway, today is the first day of August.
20 days from now will mark our 12th wedding anniversary.
I mean 12!!! Really?

@ Ristorante Love, Milan

countdown with me....

30 July 2013

Foto #60: You're Unique

Stones from the seashore of Marina Massa, Tuscany, Italy,  that i brought home

29 July 2013

Foto #59: Just Throw It

I have this mannerism not to throw away receipts/tags/letters right away, and without noticing, it accumulates all the drawers in the house. I always tell myself to relist/recopy the items' prices, to know where the budget goes. Hub said, "what's the point of keeping those receipts. We got the bank's copy." Good point.

28 July 2013

Foto #58: Be Always Thankful

Inside the miniature of Duomo di Milano @ Melide, Switzerland

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. (Ophrah)

27 July 2013

Foto #57: I Love CJ

He was born barely 1.750 kilos, premature and got a urinary infection. For the first time, he made me a mom. Life just taught me a lot after his birth. He didn't grew up with me, but as much as i could i find time to be "with him". Thanks to the techie stuffs now, facebook is the number one way for me and my son CJ to communicate. Feels just like he's just beside me. He's 18 now and studying what he really wants. He failed me in some ways, but i hope he's taking all his time to make it all up to me. He's my son, i will always be there no matter what.

26 July 2013

Foto #56: Friendship is Like a Thief

Freesia & Zendra @ Giardini Pubblici di porta Venezia, Milano

Friendship is like a thief. It just comes without a warning. 
Kids i guess easily find friends without that big effort. 
The story of Zendra and her new friend, Freesia, started during one of our trips. We went to Verona, Italy and there she is, always want to be near Zendra. She was a friendly one who didn't hesitate to come with us while we are having our pictures. And that was it, i found not only one friend, but two: Freesia's parents, Ivy & Frei.

Lucky us!

25 July 2013

Foto #55: Man on Wheels

My hub and our little Z @ Esselunga Supermarket

I always find a man going out with his daughter so sexy. I don't know why, but i did. It's always my duty to know more of the needs for the house, and yes i make my list. Only that i always forgot my list at home, or i might bring it, yet forgot to buy the ones listed, and bought the ones not on that list. Just how many of you arrived at home and will say, "Oh, i forgot the eggs, or oil, or something!" And yet, it's on your list. Funny, it's turning to be a habit for me. So, when my hub got some time to go with me in a grocery, i always tell him to remind me of the list. 

And i don't understand why men keep on passing through the liquor section, checking out the price or something. In the end, picking up a champaigne or a beer. Well, at least, my hub got his "domestic side". He ends up buying plants! (obviously, not on my list). =)

I'm not an expert in "husband psychology", but i think the very thing to consider before asking your husband to do the grocery (alone) is to never send him with a long list without specified brands/names. Chances are, he'll end up calling you every now and then. Sometimes you'll end up saying, "leave it honey, i will buy those later if you can't find them." 

24 July 2013

Foto #54: Breather

Marina di Massa, Toscana

Everyone needs a break! That's true. After almost 10 months of cold and snow, a beach break is all we needed. Sun visors, sand and ice cream. That's all you'll ever need. =)

23 July 2013

Foto #53: Sweet

Taken in front of Bachmann's @ Luzern, Switzerland

The store gate itself got gigantic macaroons and when you come inside Confiserie Bachmann's store, you will find all the sweets in the world. They got different types of chocolates, made from different sizes, shapes and flavors. There's also a corner where you can just help yourself pack and weigh them in order to get its price. But, of course, don't expect the chocolates to be cheap (just because it's all made in Switzerland. Bring enough money or you might find yourself, just drooling around and having a watery mouth. =)

22 July 2013

Foto #52: Hub's Baby

I have been a struggling "gardener" lately, buying flowers and keeping them alive. Hub got him a plant too. "Mas matagal itong mamatay at madaling i-maintain." He used to pick up lavenders on sidewalks and put it in the vase too. "Para mabango", he said. 
Peg kung peg!

21 July 2013

Foto #51: Godsend

Sometimes, the thing that you least expected, least thought of and least remembered, just popped out at the very right time. I found this envelop inside my folders of receipts and documents. 

20 July 2013

Foto #50: Fairy Tale

I do believe fairy tale exists, in an odd-unique-modern way. Every woman becomes Cinderella when she found the right love. That's priceless.

19 July 2013

Foto #49: Italians Do It Better

an Italian Restaurant in Friesland, The Netherlands

I remember during our world history subject in college, our professor said (in his exact words), "kahit saan kang panig ng mundo pumunta, laging me intsik." and i agree with him those times.
That was almost 20+ years ago. 

Now it's my turn to say, "kahit saan ka pumunta, merong italian pizza!" =)

18 July 2013

Foto #48: Peace

Magnificent sunset at Makkum, The Netherlands
during our 2012 summer vacation

Sometimes you are just lost for words.
You just tend to listen to beat of your heart.

17 July 2013

Foto #47: Classic

Goldilocks Classic Polvoron (butter cookies)

I don't want any flavors. 
I don't want any brand.
It's Goldilocks classic polvoron or nothing.
It's the only thing i always ask back from home.

16 July 2013

Foto #46: Two Bodies: One Soul

Me and my hub walking along Makkum Beach (The Netherlands)

I have been married for almost 12 years now, yet literally me and my hub have been together for 14 years. Marriage isn't an easy thing to decide. We lived-in for two years first and, i believe God has His ways always to tell us "this is the right time to get married". I'm not the type (even i sometimes day dream about it) who wants a grand wedding. Hub did the same. We had a simple (and funny) civil wedding back in the Philippines. Funny, in the sense, that the judge who officiated the wedding rites is my dad's buddy since college days. From time to time he kids around while having his judge rites.

Judge to my dad: "Pre, me pagkakataon pang komontra..." while asking, "may tumututol ba sa kasalang ito?"
We all laugh.
Hub even kidded: "wala na pong atrasan, me nakatagong shot-gun"
And i laughed more (and louder)

But then, it was a very memorable day. Present were my dad, my cousin and his wife, my hub's cousin. 7 in the room including the judge. After the wedding, we just ate at the restaurant. No parties, no guests, no grand events, and no one has been told we just got married. Thatìs how we wanted it to be. Tipid pa! =)

Anyway, for both of us, the most important thing is that we were officially united: as one.
Marriage is a two way thing. Give and receive. Receive and Give. That's why it's called a union. Two bodies in one soul. And for that, i will forever be grateful we got each other until the end.

15 July 2013

Foto #45: What I Loved Most

Obviously, two of my loves:  Z and butterflies

Simple Things Are What We loved The Most

Since i have hundreds of what i loved most, let's just stick to one of my five ones.
The order is not of importance. I just have to jot what first comes into my mind.


I'm always fascinated by butterflies. I don't know why, but i am. earrings, rings, pendants, necklace, wristwatch, hair pins, stationaries, tshirts, wall displays, mugs, etc etc. Everything that has butterflies on it! I just adore them! Everyone has their own vanities. =)


If you will buy me something, i will suggest to take note of these colors. 
I love every shades of violet (lavender, magenta, indigo, lilac, eggplant, etc). 
I also love every shades of green (moss, jade, hunter, mint, persian, etc.)


Talking about chocolates! There are only two brands i would die for (kiddin'), Snickers and Baci (italian chocolate). Need to explain more? 


Of course, who wouldn't love reading? I read everything! novels, magazines and of course, blogs!
reading makes me feel alive. i ought to learn a lot of things while reading. reading may not make your live longer, yet it will make your life worthwhile.


Just like what i always say. Without music, life is dull. Life is so boring when you don't even hum a single tune. I love music. If there's no technology, it doesn't cost to sing out loud. =)

14 July 2013

Foto #44: Challenge Yourself

Photo taken at Aqua Zoo, Friesland, the Netherlands

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you.
They're supposed to help you discover who you are.
(Bernice Reagon)

13 July 2013

Foto #43: Red Daisies

Daisy is a common flower which everyone knows. My lady boss says (who got fantastic flowers in her garden), told me that this is a great flower for beginners to start with. Even if you have a so-called brown-thumb, you may be able to grow it. White is one of the most common daisies. But, honestly, i'm not a fan of white colors, so i chose red gerbera daisies. 

Here's a little trivia:

Red gerbera daisies are a symbol of love, passion and desire. Their beautiful round shape represent the vast amount of deep feelings that are incorporated into the rich and beautiful petals of the red gerbera daisy. So, if you are ever wondering of how you can express your love and you don’t want to be dull using red roses, red gerbera daisies may be an excellent choice!

12 July 2013

Foto #42: Being Alone Doesn't Mean You're Lonely

“It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” 
- Marilyn Monroe -

11 July 2013

Foto #41: Play-Doh

"a birthday cake" by Me and Z

When i was a kid, all i have is a dirty clay in the neighborhood to play with forms and be creative. We are not that rich but then, my dad used to give us, as much as possible what we need, sometimes what we want. My daughter Z loves playing with Play-doh, imagining and making what she wants. Lucky me, she shares toys i never had. 

10 July 2013

Foto #40: Think Different

Mini Crisp Bagel Snack: Jaki's fave!

It is not always best if we all think alike!
That's why we have discussions, arguments and opinions.
In the end, different perspective make a good result.

09 July 2013

Foto #39: If Others Can, Why Can't I?

3 weeks and still growing is an achievement for a non-green thumb like me. =)

08 July 2013

Foto #38: Invasion

My Ipadmini. Look who's invading the GB's. All Z's 100 games!
Yeah ok, i surrender. It's hers! Thanks for this electronic thing, Z never gets annoyed everytime she has a photoshoot or casting. It always saves the long-day's work.

07 July 2013

Foto #37: What's Behind

Photo taken backstage during photo shoot

Having a model-daughter means i'm always there "behind-the-scene". Each time she got photoshoot, casting or audition, i'm always ready to capture some backstage moments. Funny, sometimes, backstage photos are funnier or lovelier. I love this particular shot!

06 July 2013

Foto #36: Recycle

Zendra's Art Work in Preschool

Topo Matteo (Matthew The Rat, in English)
ears: cottons
eyes: buttons
nose: button
mustache: thread
mouth: cotton
whole face: bathroom tissue paper tube

Recycling means giving a new life to the "garbage".
It's fun. Try it!

05 July 2013

Foto #35: I Love Music

i can live without tv.
but i can't live without music.

04 July 2013

Foto #34: Green Morning

My fave: buko pandan cupcake

My dad always used to say:
"in the morning, always eat like a queen!"

03 July 2013

Foto #33: Funny Sign

A funny sign that we caught outside a restaurant in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Two BEER or not Two BEER: William Shakesbeer! =)
That's the question.

TO BEAR! That's my reply, hahaha!

02 July 2013

Foto #32: The Netherlands

Zendra during a train ride from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal

Our very first trip to The Netherlands. We had our 4-day vacation there and had so much fun.
Windmills, cows, sheeps, blue skies, lake, dam, boats and lot of white sands!
We will be back for sure.

01 July 2013

Foto #31: Welcome July

Welcome July!
New month, new photo look, new blog adventure.

after a sumptuous dinner

30 June 2013

Foto #30: Mango-holic

This is not addiction.
This is called hoarding! =)

29 June 2013

Foto #29: Never Seen Bluer Than Blue

My Nikon had gone to a lot of places, cities and countries. And, one of the most beautiful countries i have ever seen is Holland. The never ending blue skies and green surroundings are amazing.
I'm kind of missing it. Sure, i will be back here soon.

28 June 2013

Foto #28: Miracle

For me, i call it a "miracle", 'cause i don't have a green thumb.
The question is, how long will this beautiful tulip last?

27 June 2013

Foto #27: Throwback Thursday Today

Throwback Thursday is a trend on facebook and instagram, or other social network sites.
Let me just add the "Today" here.
It always makes me smile to see the "Then and Now" thing.

I guess my little girl once on her mind, dreamed of a long, long hair when she grows up.
She was barely 4 months here. (left foto)
Now, she's 4 years old and with a long, long hair!

Dreams do come true.
You just have to wish it well. 

26 June 2013

Foto #26: Let the Chocolates Talk

This is my favorite vessel in the kitchen.
I don't need to put a sign "It's mine, don't touch it!"
Because, everyone in the house knew they will be in trouble if they did.

I love Baci chocolates. (Baci, pronounced as Bat-tsi, in english, "kisses")
I love its taste. It's a dark chocolate with almond nuts inside.
Most of all, i love the quotes inside each chocolates.

If you happened to be in my kitchen, don't be shy to grab some.
Just put back the quotes inside the vessel, ok?

25 June 2013

Foto #25: Human Psychology

I love that subject during my college days: Human Psychology.
I love studying human minds.
To the point, that i graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
All humans are the same, i mean literally the same.
We all breath, we all eat, we all sleep, we all talk, we all cry, we all love, etc. etc.

We are all different.
No one is ever alike;  Not even twins, clones, carbon copied or photocopied.

That's the beauty of humans.
WE are ALL the same: UNIQUE!

24 June 2013

Foto #24: Souvenirs

I collect fridge magnets.
I collect post cards.
I collect mugs.
I collect t-shirts.
I collect entrance tickets.
I collect train/bus tickets.
I collect souvenirs.
I collect memories.