23 March 2010

book for the week: 206 ossa

i love books! whenever i have time, i wander myself inside the italian or american bookstores. i read books of love, humor, intrigues and thrills. sure i can read italian books. practice makes one perfect, right? since my daughter's birth, i haven't been much to bookstores. fortunately, i am a member of euroclub here which offers discounts for books (only italian) and dvd films, so every now and then i get to order what's new or what i'm curious about. this is my latest acquisition: Duecentosei Ossa (206 Bones) by Kathy Reichs. i'm almost on the half part. so thrilling! I have been watching "Bones" series here, but i guess reading the book is more detailed and more thrilling, because it gives you freedom to imagine what's been going on.

i have watched the film "The Firm" by John Grisham starring Tom Cruise. but, having read the book itself, it's more thrilling than the film.

so, i'll just tell you next time when i'm done learning more italian words and what's my verdict of the book.

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