24 March 2010


i was walking towards the bank and saw this "freezed" guy and i immediately took my fone to capture his moment. lot of tourists were curious how many minutes can he freeze himself. cool! seems like the strong wind is going around him. it isn't windy though. it just the props he had. paging passers-by, "hey, put some coins in his hat" -see?


Sometimes I look at the watch
And wish I could stop time, but I can't
Cause time is God's tool, to determine.

Every thing grows, and also dies
Can time suffer and also die?
Is time flat? Or is time round?

Where is time? Can time be found?
Is time there with each beat of my heart?
Was time there from the very start?

Is time bound? Or is time free?
Is time that, what is meant to be?
I can't say yes or no cause god
Is only the one who, know…

I wish i could freeze time

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