02 March 2010

movie marathon

sometimes my hub doesn't have work on tuesdays, so he just stays home. he's not so much into "going-out" like other guys who used to go out when no work. off-day like this, it means he's the one who'll bring our son in school, and i still can laze around the house in pajamas. our daughter zendra is still sleeping, so i quickly had a shower before she wakes up. she knows now how to escape from her crib. risky!

hub was back and we ate breakfast. he's in the mood to clean up the house, so i make myself comfortable watching David Letterman Show. what a queen am i. hahaha. it's almost 10am! i told my hub, let's be crazy, let's watch movies! it's my idea to double task too. watching while ironing. "gabundok ang plantsahin"(too many clothes to iron) at least there will be no "wasted time".

we're not so much of movie theather-goers here. english films were always dubbed in italian, so sometimes it's inevitable they will dub the scripts literally. though i can understand more of italian than english slang now, i still prefer the original language.

Film Number 1: Angels & Demons

i have watched Da Vinci Code and i thought, this could be a sequel. dan brown's novels are always packed with fascinating historical tidbits and mysteries that there is a constant need to inform the reader. the film is somewhat diabolical (hence the title demons). after the pope's death, an antimatter bomb somewhere in Vatican threatens the conclave of cardinals who are meeting to elect the papal successor. the movie is filled with amazing details about galileo, michael angelo and other scientists. i have come to know about the white fumes (when a pope is elected). didn't know that! most of the time, the actors speak italian so i exerted no effort to watch the film. i just wonder for dan brown's other novels, would it also be tom hanks playing the lead role?

time for prawn crackers. we got no popcorns in the house. i'm not a popcorn fan.

Film Number 2: Law Abiding Citizen

Jamie Foxx is an oscar and a grammy award winner. this film must be something. it's my first time to see gerard butler. i haven't seen the movie 300. i found "law abiding citizen" so thrilling, although some scenes are so violent. imagine a rich and intelligent man taking over the city? he was hurt and furious because his wife and daughter were brutally murdered. he technically plan everything outside and inside prison. but, of course, jamie foxx as a district attorney is smarter than him. "you can never fight fate"...

---lunch time ---

Film Number 3: The Informant

what was mark whitacre (matt damon) thinking? at first i can't understand the movie plot...but as the movie goes...i can sense lot of lies from the leading role, mark. this is based on a real story of a highest-ranking corporate whistleblower in US history. from mark's ever-changing account (he stole over 11 million dollars or so), to his cooperation with the FBI and threatens the ADM (archer daniels midland) where he worked as a bio-chemist, it becomes impossible to decipher what is real and what is mark's active imagination. from one story to another, he has answers to everything...lies and facts. of course, the truth will always set you free. so he was imprisoned.

it's almost 4pm!
time for me to dress up for work. hub and zendra were also ready to go out. they will head to the park and get jaki in school at 4:30pm.

(picture taken @ our building's corridor)

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