11 March 2010

four hours (non-stop)

bell rang at jaki's school. kissed him goodbye.

pediatrician's clinic. the doctor will arrive at 9am.
i'm still early.

my turn. the medical visits are free here in public hospitals, but you have to get a medical doctor's authorization (l' impegnativa del medico). otherwise, you need to go to a private doctor and pay for it. i've been to a private one once: dermatologist- 125euro for a visit.

i asked for my daughter a follow-up visit request, to the allergologist. it's about the red rashes on her face.

i arrived at the Sacco Hospital. i know where exactly (i thought so) where to go for the appointment request so i went directly to the pediatrics section.

i can still smell the new paint around the hospital

oh! there has been a change. i found a notice that the exempted for the payments are accepted near the main gate. kids and pregnant women are always exempted for hospital bills.
i got back to the main gate again and found the new office.

first come, first serve. "get your number here"

got my number: 664

no long lines. only two women and a man before me.
got to read something in the waiting area...

it's almost 9:48am

finally my turn. just 5 minutes and i got an appointment.
april 29, 2010, thursday at 12 noon

i decided to go to Lidl (german grocery) nearby. the prices here are lower than
other italian grocery stores.

dilemma: what flavor is this?
it's a german toothpaste.
the only english written here is "for kids". i went for instincts. the color is red, i guess i got the strawberry flavor.

long line at the cashier

here's what i bought:

minicrisps biscuits
bucaneve biscuits
pantene shampoo
snickers chocolates
baby wipes

total : 10.93euro

arrived home. i'm starving. cooked meat balls fast and eat. went out again to buy fresh milk. there's no fresh milk at LIDL where i shopped earlier.
went to Nectar grocery store. my daughter zendra got her balloon!

back home. hanged the clothes that i washed.
dressed up kiara and let her take a nap.

finally sitting infront of my laptop!

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