09 April 2010

TGIF #2: something italian

when you live (long enough) in a non-speaking english country, chances are, you got to learn their language and culture. one thing i love about italy is their music. from classic to pop, they're awesome.

here are my five favorite italian pop songs. i'll do it as a countdown.

5.) DOMANI (tomorrow) - italian artists

50 italian artists have joined in singing this song, "domani 21.04.09". this is written by Mauro Pagani to raise funds for the reconstruction and restoration of the Conservatory "Alfredo Casella" and home of the Teatro Stabile D'Abruzzo Aquila. one year ago Abruzzo suffered from a terrible earthquake and lost over 300 lives.

4.) PIU BELLA COSA (the most beautiful thing) - eros ramazzotti

this song is a declaration of love of Eros to his wife, Michelle Hunziker. i love the lyrics of this song. refrain says: "nothing's most beautiful on earth but you, thanks for existing."

3.) PER TE (for you) - jovanotti

the song is dedicated by lorenzo cherubini aka "jovanotti" to her little daughter teresa. i just simply adore this song. it's like a lullabye.

2.) LA SOLITUDINE (solitude) - laura pausini

laura pausini won with this song at san remo italian music festival back in 1993. when i first arrived here, the song is so popular. i almost memorized the lyrics. even pops fernandez (pinay singer) sung this song when she had a concert here.

1.) GOCCE DI MEMORIA (drops of memory) - giorgia

drops of memory is a song written by giorgia herself with the music of andrea guerra. this is a movie theme song from the movie, "la finestra di fronte" (the window in front) by ferzan ozpetek. the single is the 2nd most sold in italy in 2003, selling 200,000 copies. with this track, giorgia won the silver ribbon for best song. the song also won, best single, best composition and best arrangement in the italian music awards (sort of grammy).
this is my number one fave, not just because i adore giorgia's voice (i got her hit cd's!), but also her songs are so romantic and make you fall in love over and over again.

hope you enjoyed the songs.

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