05 April 2010


I cannot assure my memory to store everything and remind me on a later time, so i just have to jot down right away my thoughts for today.

observing my kids & hub, i realize more about life's simplicity <---
we may not be rich, but those costly laughters and kids' wondered eyes were gladdening evidences, we do have a great life. it is always important to enjoy life with what we already have. i am grateful enough for the nice people and pleasant things around me. there are so many "HOWs" to enjoy life: a simple walk in the park, playing with the kids, taking pictures, or just having a lazy day.

i want to enjoy life not too quickly. by having a fast phased life, sometimes we tend to overlook about life's joviality. it pays to slow down and appreciate or pay attention to the world around us.

kids' bonding is special

any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad

you can learn many things from children...how much patience you have, for instance..

when you look at life, the greatest joys are within the family bondings.

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