12 October 2011

Who Shrunk Me? =)

Jona and i had a stroll at Metropoli Mall and had a quick lunch at chinese restaurant name "YU Quick". the orders are just as quick as the name of the place. the normal lunchtime here in Italy used to be from 1:30 to 3pm. we we're there at 12:30pm, and nobody's eating yet.

so, i take out the canon ixus digicam (it stays forever in my everyday bag), then Jona & i had some fun & quick self-shots.

just get contented with the captions! i have no long paragraphs or stories to tell.
i'm just so tired.

had fun with this giant plate of rice! it seems that i was shrunk into a tiny creature.

What's your order Jona?

..waiting for the food

involtini di primavera (vegetable lumpia)

pa-cute sa self-shot...

spaghetti di riso con gamberetti (pancit bihon with shrimps)

don't blame us, we're starving!

Yu Quick
Ground Floor
Metropoli Mall
Novate, Milanese (MI)

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