18 October 2011

From Verona, with Love

I was so surprised receiving this envelope full of pretty stuffs!
Thanks Valentina!

personalized necklaces...wow!

i adore these earringssssssssssss!!! love love love!

Valentina and i have been friends for less than a year now. We met at facebook and i was trying to help her edit her Blogger page those times. She's new to Blogger so she didn't know how that time. Now, she got a beautiful Blogger page. From then on, we have been good friends, and fortunately we met last June, 2011 here in Milan. She photographed Zendra and all the fotos were awesome. we're looking forward to meeting again next year. I'm excited!


Valentina Mantovani said...

prego cara Kris ^_^
mi fa davvero tanto piacere che ti piacciono i miei pensierini....!
e ne ho altri ancora...ma appena ci vediamo il prossimo anno te li consegno tuttiiiii =)))


butterfly said...

wow. i'm excited. thanks again Valentina