06 October 2011

Fashion & Furniture

it has been 2 weeks ago that i've been longing to go and see some exhibits at Triennale. the problem is, i have no one to go with, except for my daughter. but, of course, a 2 year old kid wouldn't appreciate the luxurious, fashionable bags or furnitures. Zendra will appreciate more a McDonald's happy meal toy rather than drooling over the mannequins.
good thing, my friend Winnie's cousin (who just came to Milan weeks ago) still don't have work and very much available. so, at last i have a companion. "Tara Jonalyn...stroll tayo."

almost all the big events or exhibits are held at Triennale Design Museum. acccording to the internet, the entrance is 8euro, and sometimes 6.50euro. "Oks lang, kahit mahal. Para na ring nanood ng sine. Go!", i uttered to myself.

after i brought my daughter to pre-school, Jona and i met at the waiting shed where Tram, n. 12 pass. "Dun na lang tayo..para sa Lanza tayo bababa, then, we'll take Bus N. 61 directly sa Triennale." i instructed Jona over the phone.

so here we are in front of the museum. we wandered around. i saw giant scuptures of somehow i assumed to be a greek god. i love to pose there but they're restoring the other side. i mumbled while looking at the museum schedules and events, "andaming exhibit, sa'n kaya yung sa LV..?

i asked the receptionist.
"Scusa, dove si trova quelli di Louis Vuitton?" (Excuse me, where's the LV exhibit?)
"Sopra, poi destra" (Upstairs, then right), she said.
"Quanto costa il biglietto? (How much is the ticket entrance?), i asked again.
"E' entrata libera." (It's free), she replied

"Ay, buti na lang, libre." i whispered to Jonalyn.

They got Two Rules:
Picture Taking and Touching of Exhibits are Prohibited.
We broke them! =)

"bilis, Jona...di nakatingin yung guard/curator..."
"o dito dali, nakatalikod 'yung bantay..."
"walang flash, di halata..." and so on.
Jona and i had a great time playing hide and seek with the guards.

Exhibit 1
Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion (September 22 - October 9, 2011)

upon entering the exhibit, you will be welcomed by the tall mannequins wearing LV bags as head dress, LV clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. there are 30 mannequins in all. every mannequin had different collections way back from fall/winter of 1998-1999 to 2011-2012. every outfit have the most exquisite dresses in which Katie Grand skillfully made to depict the significance of timeless and elegance.

there's a wide screen showing the fashion show where of course the real models wear these exhibited outfits. also shows Katie Grand's interview and some footages while the dresses were sewed and conceptualized.

i love the walls with Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs' (the artistic director of the exhibit) quotes. i could have copied and typed the words at my cellphone, but they're too many. i can't even captured with the camera (the guards are sitting at every corner), so i just savoir the words and desperately memorize on my mind, in which i failed.

capturing foto is just like planning a escape from alcatraz. for every line of mannequins there are "look-outs". i only brought my mini canon ixus because i knew fotos will be prohibited. without flash it can work. there are thousand of lights and the room is so white. if the guards will have a whistle, they could have blown it too many times. "hawak-kasi-kami-nang-hawak" hahaha.
"hawak lang naman po...mananakaw ko ba 'yan?", i murmur. "sana me sign na lang na "no-touch, just smell", i kidded Jona.

"sosyal naman neto, LV ang unan..." i keep on kidding Jona. (to compesate ourselves that we can't pose with these mannequins)

OMG! Don't ask me how many minutes i stared at these lovely shoes!!!!

We lasted almost less than an hour roaming and reading every mannequins captions.
the exhibition really shows Louis Vuitton's constant quest for elegance and excellence, as well as the modern approach to fashion. I'm glad i didn't miss this event.

after exiting, we went to the adjacent exhibit and get some brochures. (feeling furniture designers)

2. Dream Factories: Le Fabbriche Dei Sogni

This presentation was conceived by Catalan designer Marti Guixè, just like Alice in Wonderland-like adventure. The exhibit involves objects, designs, furnitures in a lively atmosphere rich with colors and emotions. it runs from April 5, 2011 until February 2012. well, just in case we hadn't pose so much, we still can go back.

This abstract thing will welcome you to the main entrance of the exhibit. i can't immagine my house having that kind of entrance. hahaha. entering from the lobby, a lot of cutely design objects and furnitures will make you wish, "gusto ko ito for the house..." Jona sat on a giant lip-shaped sofa. click! ambilis ko.

of course Jona is as faster than me. "ayun, dali nakatalikod ang guard...dito ako Jona..." click!
and so on and so forth. we really had a great time looking at those uniquely design furnitures. a boxing ring for a bed, a giant hands for a chair, a rope for a sofa bed, a small cabinet-like for a headboard for beds, etc. etc.

we just had a great time at Triennale.

After the exhibit, we also hunted some more elephants (Elephant Parade open exhibit).
I'll tell you about it on my next blog! Stay tune!


RipeMango said...

wow! thank for this. para na rin akong nag visit sa exhibit.. i love everything, especially the monogram shoes. they have that here in Maison. bawal din mag picture. :(
i love the little mannequin using the LV bag for pillow. sobrang sosyal.
wish i'm there.. or wish they will ship out the exhibit for out of the country shows. naman! sino ba tatalo sa MIlan?! Feeling ko, pagpunta ko dyan, dapat pang -rampa ang attire ko!!

ciao, ripemango

butterfly said...

RipeMango, yes! dapat yung medyo srping time, para with coat and boots. bagay na bagay sa Via Montenapoleone window shopping, hahaha. if i only have all the time, andami here na mini or big events to watch/see. lahat ng bags, sosyal. i can't afford them, buti na lang walang price tags, mahihirapan ang calculator mind ko siguro to know how much each mannequin costs. hahaha