21 October 2011

TGIF #32: Something I Dreamed Of

It's another Friday once again. I was thinking of what would be my FIVE-day today.
I was browsing on something about a film and i was brought to Viva Productions site and saw a BIG concert promotion.
Wow! Two of my favorite musicians will finally be together in one concert!

1) i don't know how to shriek in silence when i saw this promo poster on line. OMG! i will terribly miss this big event. sigh sigh and lots of sigh. Concert King Martin Nievera and Side A, the country's number one band will kick off Viva's 30th anniversary celebration with a concert titled ALL FOR 1 at the Araneta Coliseum on November 11, 2011.

2) Honestly i haven't seen them both in concerts yet. Poor me. I wish they will tour here in Milan one day. So here's the ticket prices: (in philippine peso of course). If i had been home i would sure picked the Patron A, with my good friend Lyn, who happened to be a Side A fanatic too (lucky her, when she got the chance she always follow the Band's gig and had lots of fotos with the members)

PATRON A - 3750
PATRON B - 3500
LOWER BOX - 3500
UPPER BOX A - 1500
UPPER BOX B - 1000
GA - 400

3) I would say, during their rehearsals, it would be like so much songs and fun. Who would not know Martin Nievera's "madness". I am a huge fan (years ago) of his M.A.D (Martin After Dark). Ok, the mere fact that he's talkative and haven't really speaking in pure tagalog. he can't really speak well the native language actually. that made a lot of people tagged him as mayabang or other terms related to that. but, who cares, when he sing songs, it's just awesome!

4) So, here's a quick peek of what the guys have been doing lately in preparations for the coming concert.

5) And, this FOREVERMORE song by the SIDE A Band is one of my favorites among their songs. My first favorite though was TIME TO LET GO, from their very first "White" album.

....Ok...and i will be completely sighing here and will be waiting for the clips or cd's/dvd's of that concert. Goodluck Guys!

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