28 October 2011

TGIF #33: Something I Learn

I am a Mom.
I am a woman, a wife, a friend, a sister, most of all, i'm HUMAN.
I am not perfect. I don't know everything.
I am learning.

For my Friday's Five-Day i'm gonna list what i have learned today.

1. Never Assume

You don't have to give up that "mother instincts", but assuming often ended up with the unnice things. My daughter's have been sick for almost 8 days, so i already got a medical certificate yesterday. i guess there's nothing wrong if i bring her to school today, even friday. i don't want her to "forget" going to school, and not wanted to go anymore, 'coz of being absent for almost 2 weeks. My son's school had a strike and there will be no lunch for them, so he brought with him a home-made lunch. Some teachers might be absent too, joining the strike. Assuming elementary school and preschool are different, i still go to Zendra's school. We were there 15 minutes before 9am. I observe that there were only 3 of us moms (with respective kids) waiting at the gate. Weird, i told myself. In this hour, the gate is filled with moms/dads with kids. Ok, don't panic...go ahead and see for yourself. (i was thinking) Daaaaaang! Her room is closed. Someone told me, Zendra's teachers went on a strike, so we need to get back on wednesday. Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 (monday & tuesday) are holidays, that's why. Oh ow! i would have to bear another day with my cute pest in the house. =)

2. Don't Try to be Perfect

Striving for perfection is always not a good idea. I am a mom. I need to always bear in mind that life is messier and crazier than ever before. I was cooking for lunch and my daughter's having her snack. She's swatting on the carpet while biting her unpeeled apple. I don't feel comfortable seeing her that way. The carpet will be a mess and even the apple is washed, she can't eat like that. I got her apple, peeled it up and slice them and put in her plate with a fork. i put on the table and let her sit on the chair. Perfect!
If my daughter can just yell at me and tell me things now, she might say, "Mamma, it's not your business! I will eat my apple the way i want to, where i want to!"
Yeah, i was being perfect, she didn't touch her apple anymore. nagtampo na!

3. Be Extra Patient

Of course when you're a mom, you're expected to be patient. But be, very very patient. Kids are noisy, messy and so demanding. Since Zendra had no chance to be in preschool today, i expected a cartoon marathon (as usual). i will miss everything i thought i could watch today on tv. She has the habit of getting 1 dvd, playing it for 3 minutes and, getting another, keep changing it...so on and so forth. She don't finish anything, and i can't finish either what i am doing too. When my little one start to have this habit, i grew patience each time. If patience can be turned into money, i'll be rich!

4. Laugh with Them

When you're a mom, you have that wonderful opportunity to be a child all over again. If they are watching or doing something, don't just watch them, smile or laugh with them.
Zendra is watching a british dvd, "Singing English" and she kept on singing with the A, B, C song. She's used to the american abc rhythm of the song. So, everytime she sings, it's not the same as the dvd. But, she kept on nodding. I sing with her and she started to dance and jump. Even me, i can't get that British abc song tune, so i laugh, then she laughs more and hug me. That was fun!

5. Don't Multitask (so much)

This has been what i was always doing: clicking on computer (blogging/facebooking), while cooking and watching my kid. Yes, indeed i can multitask! But, that makes me guilty. Having my attention on one stuff is better than to have a burned fish, tissue papers all over the room by zendra, and blog draft floods. Ok, i will lie low a bit: finished cooking first, have my girl slept, then pc. Now, that's a challenge. hahaha!

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