24 October 2011

A "Plankton" Day

Sheldon James Plankton as we all know is Spongebob Squarepants' nemesis. In life, we just can't avoid "anatagonists". one of them is "being sick". My daughter's had been sick last week and she didn't go to pre-school for a week. I even talked to her teachers last wednesday informing them, Zendra might be back this monday (today) in pre-school.

Me: "Do i still need to get a medical certificate for my daughter for a 5-day absence?" i asked Teacher Cinzia.
Cinzia. "no. it's ok, as long as she doesn't have contagious disease (such as chicken pox, measles, etc)"
Me: "Just colds, cough & fever...nothing serious", i replied.
"So, see you on Monday!", said Cinzia.
Me: "See yah." i bid goodbye.

Yesterday, my friend, Winnie, and her daughter Maxim, with her cousin Jona went here to visit Zendra. The two little girls had some fun playing. Zendra's a bit crying and complaining about her right ear. Some liquids are pouring from her ears. OMG! what the....?
I asked my friend Winnie what to do, because Maxim had that experience before. She told me to wash with "acqua ossigenata" (hydrogen peroxide), as what her pediatrician told her to do.
Mine was already expired (it's been a long time i haven't used that), so Winnie suggested, "take mine, i got a new one in the house as well as the anti-biotics that the pedia had prescribed.
"Ok." i answered.
So around 8:45pm i went out with them towards their house. all the pharmacies were almost closed at those hours, so i'm grateful my friend got what i need. i was back home around 9:30pm, ate dinner, washed zendra and watched tv. i would say every hour of the night, i was checking my daughter's ear. it was the first time that happened to her. i was a bit glad she slept.

I was already awaken around 5:58am. i checked zendra..a bit of fluid had dried behind her ears, so i washed it out softly, not to awaken her. poor little girl. it must have been irritating.

I decided not to bring her to pre-school (again) today. If i brought her, for sure the teachers will call me to pick her up again if they noticed something's wrong with zendra. so, it would be a useless decision. I walked my son Jaki to school around 8:15am.

Jaki: "Mamma, you can just leave here at the gate, you don't need to wait for the ring to bell and wait for me to go inside, so you can go back to Kiara", my son told me. He's a good little brother.
Me: "Ok, just don't run ok? Ciao!"

Going back home, i stopped by at the bread store and bought 1 bottle of fresh milk.
Zendra is still sleeping when i open the door. my hub's cousin is watching tv.

Around 9:30am i finally found my pediatrician's fone free. From 8am to 10am, you're lucky to find her fone free. always busy!
So, i talked to her and told her about zendra's situation. She advised me to give her "tacchipirina" syrup (paracetamol for kids) every 8 hrs, even she doesn't have a fever. She wants me to bring my daughter around 8:15pm today at the clinic, but i just can't. i am at work that time. so we reset the schedule for tomorrow around 1:30pm.

I keep on checking zendra. from time to time liquids pour from her ear, but she doesn't complain of pain. she was just irritated everytime i clean her ear. poor baby of mine. with a bit of colds and cough, i guess she had suffered enough last week. and, i suffered more seeing her agitated.

Another thing going on, my cousin who used to babysit for my kids when i go to work was now in the hospital, not really feeling so well. Oh my! I panicked in a second...and called my husband.

Hub: "ask someone there..."
Me: "i guess there will be someone home at 4pm so i can get Jaki in school, leave Zendra at home, then leave them later when i have to go to work."
Hub: "ok..i'll be home around 6:45pm"

...i'm just sighing here.
if only i can be with them until tonight...

i hope tomorrow will be a better day.
i want a SpongeBob lively day...no more plankton's.

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