19 October 2011

From London, with Love

Dorothy is a registered nurse back in the Philippines and found her way to London, England. My hub's cousin, Philip is a registered nurse too in the Philippines and found his way here in Milan, Italy. Love knows no boundaries! Maybe a lot of long distance love affair don't last that long, but somehow, Dorothy & Philip makes that love more exciting than ever, even far away from each other. They are now engaged and will get married by January 2012.

This is Dorothy's first visit in Italy. I wished i was there with them to stroll around Milan. My little daughter's sick, so i need to stay home. My hub made it up for us.

But, of course, Dorothy want to see Zendra and me, so they went straight to our home and brought personally the gifts from london. Wow! i got 1 pack of Marks & Spencer underwears and a scarf! Love them! Thanks Dorothy.

My hub got a Nike tshirt and my son got a Nike windbreaker, and of course, my little princess had a british style dress, completed with a nice hat. Even a bit sick, Zendra was excited to fit/wear the dress and smile a bit for the camera.

I am glad, these two lovers met finally after 6 or 7 years of not really seeing each other in flesh. I won't be on their wedding next year, so i wish them all the success and happiness in the world.

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