24 July 2010


woke up around 5am this morning
headed to bathroom
dialed my cellfone


ME: andyan na ba si mom? (is mom already there?)
SIS KAI: yes, shopping galore na kami... (yes, we're shopping now)
ME: just checkin' on mom. how's the flight?
MOM: bumigay yung handle nung maleta sa airport, makakabili ng bago (the luggage handle's broken. i'll buy a new one)
ME: ok...it's still 5am here. just want to know if everything's well. i'll call later. enjoy shopping.

a bit windy.
it rained the other night
turned off the electric fan

i found myself getting the ironing stand
it's 5:38am
in the mood to iron clothes

7:30 am, im still ironing
my husband woke up
dialled his cellfone


HUB: hello Chat. dinig mo ako, hello (can you hear me?)
---line is cut---
Chat's my bestfriend back home

HUB again: hello Chat. ok na? ---business talk---blah blah...
HUB: teena's here, still ironing.
ME: hi chat. --blah blah blah-- same bestfriends' laughs and chikas--
CHAT: ... take care...bye.
8:00am hub prepared breakfast
8:20am called home again

ME: musta na ulit? (how are you again?)
SIS KAI: i can't find the tretorn shoes you want me to buy, Ate
ME: ok, buy me sneaker converse instead. i want red
MOM: pauwi na kami. dito na kami sa me baclaran (we're on our way home..now near baclaran)
DAD: di ko pa nabubuksan yung gift mo, nasa bulsa ko. sa Lucban na pag-uwi. salamat. (haven't opened the gift you gave me, still in my pocket. i'll open in Lucban when we arrived. thanks)

8:30am continue ironing clothes...
9:00am hub went our for work
11:00 kids are getting bored: zendra's crying & jaki's staring/thinking what to do

now, i'm sleepy...

still too many things to do...

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