13 July 2010

Leolandia Park, Part 2

Fun Rides!

frog ride

leonardo da vinci rapids. nobody seems to ride that one. scared?
"i don't want to get wet"! (my alibi)


Leolandia park train. takes you around the place. i guess the turtle will arrive first...too slow. well, it's for babies and kids! (a turbo train won't be fit)

sorry kiara, this train is for 100cm kids only. i'm not yet 150cm. am i overqualified?

a rotating cup will do with her Papi

vikings. my hub, his cousin jeff and jaki braved the swings!

survivor Jaki!

ferris wheel

my daugheter didn't react at all, we're on top and she stays calm...brava kiara!

Jaki's the nervous one. i requested a quick smile, even we're swinging up high.

Kids (and not so kids) enjoyed some rides. we'll need another day to try all of the fun rides.
we'll be back!

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