18 July 2010

Gardaland WaterPark (Part 1)

Summer is really here. what do we do if the temperature rise up to 40°C? We grabbed our bathing suits, bag packs & sunscreen. Off to Gardaland Waterpark! lots of slides, butts and ice cream! =)

main entrance

zendra's ready to swim

jaki doesn't want to get out of the water

my slippers and my daughter's sandals. one day, she'll be borrowing my shoes. i got small feet!

jaki playing as captain

sleepy zendra

snack time: panzerotti con prosciutto cotto, coke and fries


WaterPark, Via Airaghi 61
Novara, Milano

Opens from 10am to 7pm
Weekday tickets: 15.50€ (12.50€ after 2.30pm)
Sunday: 17.90€ (13.50€ after 2.30pm)
Over60 y/o: 11€ (9€ after 2.30pm)
Kids*: 13.50€ (13.50€ after 2.30pm)
Sunday for kids*: 14.50€ (14.50€ after 2.30pm)

umbrellas and beds- free!
first come, first serve, or else, take the gazebos and green area

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