13 July 2010


"tinky winky, dipsy, la la, po...teletubbies...teletubbies, say hello"....

and it goes on and on, and... on. it's my tuesday anthem. while i'm busy on facebook, kids are enjoying teletubbies dvd's, keep changing it, one after another...i can't win over them.
the song keeps echoing in my head and i just laugh the way they react or sing with the characters.
but this must stop.
too much tv isn't cool =)

"Kids, time for bubble bath!" they love playing in the tub full of bubbles, so no argue about turning off the dvd (for a while).

after they had flooded the bathroom and all, i dressed them up, gave them their snacks (nuggets and biscuits)...they finally had a nap.

my dvd turn. time for my re-runs...

i haven't seen yet the twilight saga: eclipse movie, but i just love to refresh the new moon. the hunting party is also ok. time to open the caramel popcorn.

off pc now!

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