13 July 2010

Leolandia Park, Part 3

A. Aquarium

-do not use camera flashes
-never tap the glass
-don't feed the fishes
-don't eat the sharks - ooops! i made that up.

can i take home these two white sharks? =)

There's also the other section: Reptiles, but cameras are not allowed. they don't want the pythons and all the snakes to be disturbed and get wild. precautions are needed.

B. Farm

- animals having sex is allowed..=)
- you can feed the goats with lasagna, pizza, ice cream, etc.
- never touch the horses, they might kick your face

relax..i invented those rules!
seriously, the animals are behaved. see? they're in open spaces, except some birds.

hey, look at what the small pig's doing. is this a free show? hahaha

now i know that there are 400 types of goats! whew!

Kiara showing her cutie wits...love it!

C. Snack Time


-bring your own snacks, as much as possible. foods are expensive in stores. there are lot of free picnic area to eat freely anyway.
-when you can't stand the heat, eat inside the restaurant and order something. water, for instance. it's cold inside.
- if someone's treating, order what you want! =)

pane prosciutto (bread with ham & cheese)

margherita pizza

D. Peter Pan Show


-ready your hands for clapping and singing. italian audience participates so well.
-if you don't understand italian language, clapping would be fine and smiling at yourself ('coz you don't know what's happening) is allowed.

All in all, our weekend get away is worth the heat and the entrance fee.
We'll be back there for sure!

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