15 July 2010

B & W

you gave me shade
when the sun was too bright
you carried the umbrella
when the rain poured at night
you held my hand
when we crossed the street
you'd laugh at my habits
and our love was discreet
you were the wind
that played with my hair
you were the thoughts
that got me to care
you were the truth
when I couldnt bear lies
you were the lips that told me to try
you were the love
that stole all my fears
you were the hand
that wiped away tears
something had happened
silence broke free
my fairytale ended
and you left me alone, never to see
the roads they are silent
walking unknown
no umbrella in hand
and so very alone
and when i cross the street
people keep driving
never to stop
for someone just arriving
careless words
muttered slow
things a blur
with no control
you'd say one word
and all was right
but now your gone
plain black and white

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