25 July 2010

from this moment

ready to go to the party!

"From this moment,
I have been blessed.
I live only for your happiness..
And for your love I'd give my last breath,
From this moment on..."

very romantic theme song of the newly weds echoed thru the garden hall...

it has been a long time i haven't attended a wedding. it's always good to see two people so inlove, saying their vows and friends/relatives wishing them all the best. most of us got teary-eyed when the bride & the mother of the bride speak up. i guess most of the time it's the mother of the bride who gets more emotional especially when it's her first daughter's wedding. a first experience!

a unique way to give away the bride's bouquet to the single females at the party. the bride threw some white roses, and the one who never catch a rose takes the real bouquet!

a rare picture with my Aunt Tuding, Uncle Titong (my dad's brother), and Aunt Patty (dad's sister)

i want to shoot my daughter Zendra sitting @ the bride's gown..she's a bit afraid of the fotographers around.

pix with the bride, Melody (my cousin)

she's more interested of the cute fountain decoration, not the cake

dilemma: what to eat...first!

they were officially married on July 22, but the wedding party took place on July 25.

Congrats again to Arnel and Melody!

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