09 May 2010


i just finished half of the clothes to iron today. the monthly cycle made me lazy. anyway, it's Mother's day today! i guess i need to relax longer. =) my daughter also turned 16 months today.

i made a list of the things i need to do, starting tomorrow...

i have read this Short Book too many times and i still continue to laugh quietly. so, i promise i'm gonna blog this one next week. i want to share some funny anecdotes from the book. i can't promise the exact day though.

i promise to look and buy at the american bookstore, "The Apprentice" book by tess gerritsen. might be good and a thrilling one.


i promise to finish this italian version of 206 bones. i have started reading this since march 23 and i still need to finish the last 1/4 of the book. so thrilling. i listed a lot of italian words which are so new to me.

i promise to empty the ironing clothes bin by saturday! it's not easy to iron clothes when my daughter makes a "tarzan" act out of the flat iron cord. was that a justification for laziness? =)

i promise myself to have a real haircut! i asked my hub to cut 2 inches of my hair last week, just to shorten a bit. it's getting hot here. summer's almost at the door and i'm getting tired of braids, pony tails and clips. i want a new look! rah rah rah!

now, isn't it true that some promises are bound to be broken?

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