07 May 2010

TGIF #6: something of motherhood

being a mother is a life-changing experience. it might be the toughest job (without salary), but i guess when i see my kids, motherhood is all worth it. i think the best thing about being a mom is being a "kid" myself; watching the little things in my kids are enough for me to forget tiny rants in life.

here are my five of the countless joys of being a mother:

when jaki tell stories in his own way between laughters and strange sound effects, with such imagination and enthusiastic look upon his face.

when zendra & jaki fight which one who gets first a close up smile and make faces when i clicked the digicam. so cute.

when my 1 year old daughter makes babbling speech, oftentimes unrecognizable, but adorable each time she dropped an exact shape in her toy.

when zendra sees the camera, and make her "signature pose" without my instructions at all. ghee! she might become a star! =)

when my eldest son, CJ composed/arranged a song of his own. a self-learned guitarist!

there are thousands of rewards of being a mother. it could have been friday five hundred today. but, of course, i'll stick to my "friday five" rule.

--it's almost Mother's day (May 9) CHEERS TO US, moms!

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