01 May 2010

May One: act one - quotes

it's labor day! supposed to be a holiday, but it falls on a saturday. it was cloudy outside so i was lazy to go out. my hub went out for work (no holidays for him), while me and the kids just stay home, get busy with our respective stuffs: jaki on play station and zendra with my bags! little girls love to mess around with mom's stuffs i guess. i get busy in arranging zendra's closet. gosh, too many little clothes & shoes now. i needed one big sack for those stuffs that didn't fit her anymore.

time for my pc break.

i was surfing the net for some quotes i can use for my virtual clippings/collection in my other blogsite: life wonderments, and i saw a lot of good stuffs. although i keep all the words of wisdoms, quotes, writings that i surfed and valued in the other site, i thought, i should share some here.

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