22 May 2010

Historical Inter FC !

before i went here in italy, i don't know anything about soccer. but, when you're here, you will know soccer! i don't consider myself as a so-called soccer fanatic. but, of course every now and then, i cheer for a team or so. the first team i knew here was Juventus (team from Turin) and i love alex del piero (Juventus' captain ball). he's good and handsome! =)

my hub, mom-in-law and the rest of the family were so loyal to Inter FC (Milan's team, aside from Milan AC). so when there's no Juventus around, i cheer a bit for inter.

after the Italian Cup (May 5) and Italian League (May 16), the Inter FC tonight (May 22) had won the European Champions League. what a grand slam! it changed the italian soccer history. first time grand slam for an italian team. and for more than 40 years of waiting, finally Inter FC have won again the champions league cup.

Milan is really roaring this evening while i am writing this.

Congratulations Inter FC!

this is the shirt my hub bought for me. it's for the champions league finals. we can't fly to madrid, spain for the finals,so a souvenir shirt will do.

my hub, beside my mom-in-law and friends, celebrating the Italian League championship at piazza duomo di milano, last May 16. it's the 18th time italian league championship of inter fc.

my hub in all white inter fc sweat shirt. posing behind a poster of inter player Sneijder.

my two kids wearing inter fc uniforms during champions league game this evening. will i have some soccer players one day?

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