19 May 2010

scent of a woman

there's a familiar saying, "smelling good, is feeling good". scents have their own way of making a person in a good mood. i was looking for my Issey Miyake perfume inside my drawer, (not remembering that it's already finished) and i notice i still got some perfumes unused. i hardly buy perfumes too. lot of perfumes were given to me.

i'll be vain today. let's talk about my scents, hahaha!

(at the back)

Beautiful by estee lauder - i first had this perfume when i was in freshmen days in college. it's my mom's gift to me. up to now, it remains to be one of my fave scents. see? only 1/4 remaining now. i used this one everyday. it's my hub's christmas present last year. this is my 5th bottle so far.

Envy by gucc i- it smells sweet. i only use this on occasions. it's my mom-in-laws birthday gift to me.

5th Avenue by elizabeth arden - this is 3rd among my faves, the first is issey miyake. see? it's almost finished...only few sprays and it's bye-bye time. i used to alternate this one with beautiful for everyday use. well, it's another gift form my mom-in-law for christmas. this is my 3rd bottle.

Victoria Secrets' Pure Seduction - i love to wear this one after a night shower. my hub is drooling, hahaha. he loves that seductive smell! this came from my hub's cousin back in New Jersey. this is the 2nd bottle. the first one lasted for a month.

Flowers by kenzo - my hub gave this to me, without occasion at all. he just grabbed it from the store, thinking of me. it smells like a fresh flower. hence the name. smells sweet.


Sweet Sun by dior - my hub's birthday gift to me last year. the scent is very natural. feels so fresh especially on summer.

Obsession by calvin klein - my former employer used to have this scent, everytime she walks by, the scent remains. i bought this perfume the next day i asked her about the perfume's brand. smels good like peach mixed of jasmine and lemon. this is my 2nd bottle. it's new!

Tresor by lancome - it has gorgeous scent and a gorgeous bottle! it's suitable for day and night sprays. definitely lasting. my mom's christmas gift to me. this is my 4th bottle. i only used the 3, the other one i gave to my best friend back home.

next thing to shop - chanel n°5!

happy smelling! =)

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