19 February 2010

Paddle Challenge

Friday again. my son's still on vacation so i'm with my two kids here. the rain is pouring outside...

Jaki requested for chicken nuggets as a snack while having fun watching "Bee Movie" over and over again. i guess he watched that film 20 times already. he almost memorized the songs in it. "here comes the sun...little darling..."

It has no italian version, 'coz i bought it back in the Philippines, where italian menus and features aren't available.

on the other side, i'm busily preparing for my daughter's soup (and mine too). Jaki's not fond of it, so nuggets for him will do. i'm not a good cook but of course, i can cook. it's just so challenging to cook now with my daughter Zendra, roaming around and pushing buttons of our washing machine, or swtching on and off our oven. kind of hard if there's no one around for help. Jaki can't just look after her little sister. She can now escape in her play pen and cries when i put her on her stroller. really a mother's challenge to multitask.

oh ow...the meat! zendra's collecting the onions at my back! shuuuu shuuu little one :)

boiling, boiling....i'm dressing up Zendra...run run teena to the kitchen.

served finally! a pipe rigate soup!

zendra ate two servings. lucky me! i have a fan! hahaha...=)

we're all settled and i'm ready to go for work. i got a part time job during fridays, so i need to leave my kids to my mom.

til next challenge!

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