25 February 2010

missing the cows

i just miss these cows,
so i want to look back.

Europe in 1998,
cow parade has evolved
to become the world's largest
public art event.
This one-of-a-kind
artistic spectacle
has stampeded across the globe,
capturing the hearts and
imagination of artists,
and the public alike,
wherever the cows
have grazed.

It was an idea of
a famous
Swiss sculptor
Pascal Knapp.
Since 1998,
cow parade has been on the scene
in 40 cities (New York,
Chicago, Sidney,
London, Paris, etc..)
last 2007,
Milan is part again of
this art event.
April 14 marked
the great
inauguration of this
open air "cow show".
Life-sized cows
creatively designed
were positioned
all over Milan--
city proper and parks,
and endured
until June 17, 2007.
In the final event,
the cows were bidded
(conducted by Sotheby's)
& held on Trienalle in
Viale Alemagna, Milano.
The money from the
'selling of the cows'
were given to the

This foundation
was pioneered
by a great football
Milan A.C. player
--Clarence Seedorf--
together with
some other
italian football players,
to help the children
of the third world.

it's been almost 3 years
all i ever see now are
miniatures of these
exhibited cows
displayed in the office
where i work.

i am glad me and
my son Jaki had pictures
with the cows.

(",) Mooooooh!

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