17 February 2010

My Beloved Town: Lucban, Quezon

LUCBAN (Lucban, Quezon-Philippines)
is known for its great PAHIYAS FESTIVAL,
also known as SAN ISIDRO FESTIVAL.
This festival is always held every 15th of MAY,

special event by decorating their houses with
vegetables, fruits, rice, etc.--everything's that a farmer harvests,
or any edible products.
Every year, the municipal give a designated streets in which
they have to decorate, and it changes each year,
so other lucbanins will have chances to decorate their houses.
This artful decoration is called "pahiyas" or "payas"
and of course, every single house are candidates for
the pahiyas competition--tending each family to be creative to win
prizes and recognitions.
The traditional decorations are called "Kiping" which was
basically made of rice, delicately grind and put into
leaves, creating colored leaf forms or other creations.
It could be eaten by frying or simply grilling--sort of flakes.
The other looker is the "Anok"--scarecrows, and it has its
own category of the competition which is called "Best Anok".
During the parade, a lot of "Higante" (Giant Mascots)
roam thru the streets, cows having their shows (they
can basically kneel down). It's always a wonder to see
these carabaos dressed up and artfully decorated too,
bagging the "Best Carabao" competition.
And of course, the beautiful lads and handsome guys
included the town parade.
Lot of tourists, artists, photographers, showbiz personalities
always flock our town every year.
They wouldn't want to miss this May 15 event in Lucban. I'm just
so proud of our town for its original Pahiyas.
A lot of town nearby had done their imitations of our festival,
but Lucban,Quezon will always be unique!!

Below is the Lucban Cemetery.
This used to be a church during the World War days.
Pancit Lucban or the famous Pancit Habhab
"habhab" means eating with your tongue only, no fork or spoon, directly from the "dahon" (banana leaf) when you buy this pancit (noodles)
Rolling store and lucban sweets & delicacies
the gate called "kinse-kinse" outside the Lucban church
inside the churchThe Lucban Parish Catholic Church
The Famous Grotto:
Kamay ni Hesus
Every Holy Week, people flock here.The Lucban Mayor & Vice-Mayor
The logo says :
Yanong rikit, baling ganda means
so unique and so beautiful.
we have our own dialect.The Municipal Hall

honoring the farmer's patron Saint San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore).

It becomes a tradition for all "lucbanins" to join this

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