18 February 2010

Chiavari, Liguria

from milan, we travelled about two and a half hours
by train
going to Chiavari.
it was a hot summer of August that we
decided to get away from the 33°C temperature of Milan.

this is where we finally stop and welcome
ourselves to the Chiavari train station

heading out of the train station,
we saw lots of oranges along the roads.
we were tempted to pick some of the fruits.

this is the municipal building i guess

finally, we're almost at the camping area.
we were walking for almost an hour i guess

i took this one when the sun is beginning
to rise. it's early morning and i just decided to walk by
the beach..breathing some fresh air.

taken at night when the sun is amazingly
going down

whoops..that's my hub over there...

time to rest inside the tent,
posing with my son, Jaki

having fun the next day after
with my mom and cousins

we enjoyed the beach. and we will probably come back here

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