17 February 2010

A "Milanese" by Heart

I consider Milan as my 'second home' next to the Philippines. I've been here for almost 15 years and i love this city. When i first arrived here, i was like a child wondering all about this city. amazing! i only see these spots on tv or magazines. now i can just touch it with my own hands.

Milan is one of Italy's most fashionable cities and one of the richest cities in Europe. It is a fast-paced city with a thriving cultural scene and is a great city for shopping. Milan is in northwest Italy in the Lombardy region, about 30 miles south of the Alps. It is very near the Lake district, including Lakes Como and Maggiore. From Rome it is reachable on a fast train in 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

(Duomo di Milano)

The Duomo is the world's largest Gothic cathedral and the third largest church in Europe. Building began in 1386 and lasted nearly 500 years! Its marble facade is magnificent and its roof has 135 spires and 3200 statues. Inside, the crucifix is said to contain a nail from the cross of Christ. Its piazza is the hub of Milan. There is also a museum.

the metropolitana (subway trains)

Milan got 4 lines..Red or MM1, Green (MM2), Yellow (MM3), Blue (MM4). MM5 is under construction right now. you just can't imagine how many times i got lost in the city with these lines, specially when i'm new here and still can't speak up italian. i guess 80% of italian people never speak english. so one advice: buy an english map. there are lots of filipino though, so consider yourself lucky when they help you out. sometimes there are snobs 'coz they're hurrying for work, racing the trams or bus or just total snobs. pity, i wonder why some pinoys don't even smile at you.

the duomo MM1 station

one of the buildings nearby the Duomo

the red tour bus for foreigners in the city. of course i never tried that one. but i never worry 'coz there's an ear piece for english translation while on tour. up above that building with colori sign is our very own BPI Bank which i visit every 24th of the month for my bills in the Philippines.

the cadorna train station. the trains there takes you to some parts of Milan and other towns of Lombardy: Como, Varese, monza to name a few. at first i wonder about that thing in front of the building. later on i have known that it's a needle with that yellow, green and red threads.

Santa Maria della Grazie contains Da Vinci's famous fresco, the Last Supper. Although the building was bombed in 1943, the fresco survived. To visit, it is necessary to book in advanced. Lots of tourists flocking and the line seems to be endless.

Arco della Pace (Arc of peace) - Sempione Park is almost at the back of the Castello Sforzesco at largo Cairoli. lots of people lay down here, do some picnics especially during summer.

my son Jaki inside the castello sforzesco.

Castello Sforzesco was originally built in the 15th century by the ruling Visconti but was destroyed and rebuilt by the Sforzas soon afterward. It became a museum complex in the 19th century and and is one of Milan's major landmarks.

the big clock at the top of the castle tower

back to piazza duomo feeding the doves

"edicola" - news stand where you can find all the newspapers and magazines and dvd's on special prices. tram/bus/train tickets are also available here. i hope the blue-eyed vendor is available for a date too. hahaha

Sant'Ambrogio is the fourth-century church of Milan. Inside are many relics, carvings, and mosaics. Sant' Ambrogio is the patron saint of Milan, so every Dec. 7, it's a holiday here..

acquario civico di milano. museum of fishes and other biological stuffs. opens from tuesdays to sundays: 9:00-1:00 and 2:00-5.30pm. my son always ask me when will i take him there. i always say on sunday...(sigh) too many sundays...poor jaki. i have to find time.

the view while eating at the Spizzico restaurant. i always eat here up 'coz of the buffet foods and the view.

Inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Some people consider it good luck to stand or twirl around on the testicles of the bull of Turin. i did it so many times. i wonder why i never win millions at the loterry here. :)

still lots of places to roam around the city. maybe on the milan part 2. hang on!

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