05 September 2011

Shining Singapore

So this is the next day of our flight going home. Our estimated hour of stop over at Singapore should be 2 hours. But since our flight from Milan was half hour delayed (due to airplane delayment from Barcelona, Spain), we only have almost an hour to go to our boarding gate for our next flight going to Manila.
I was awaken by my son Jaki around 6:30am. "Mamma, guarda che bella, ce il sole!" (Mamma, look, it's beautiful, sun is shining!" I am a "by-the-window" airplane passenger, yet i gave way to my son to seat beside the window. He wants to look into the clouds. Zendra is still sleeping and i made a quick foto at the window. Lovely sunrise. "We're almost there.." i told my son.

Singapore airline crew gave hot towels and then served breakfast: Parsley omelette with roasted tomato, veal sausage, mushroom and potatoes; breakfast roll and butter.

We touched down at Changi Airport around 8:00am. Our next flight will be 9:30am to Manila. The tv screen says Terminal 2 for SQ 910 , that's our flight. So, we follow the arrows heading towards the skytrain going to T2. While inside the train i saw the nice Crowne Plaza. Incidentally, one of my good friends, Zaldy Malabanan is one of the many architects of this Crowne Plaza Building, during his work at WOHA in Singapore. Cool! Zaldy now is our personal architect for our future investments and residence/s. I hope he'll stick to his promise for "free archi fee" =) For our first project, he had an estimate draft of 4.5 million pesos. Did i hear it right? (nabingi naman ako, hahaha) Anyway, i trust him and his team. Saw and visited his projects back home. So modern, love it. Will detail some stories about it on future blogs.

We need to move quickly as much as possible. Our boarding time will be 9:00am or so. So, when i saw some I love SG Tshirts in a store, i didn't hesitate. Sale for 17euro, 2 tshirts! i bought one for me and my son. My hub is not fond of I love or couple shirts. I hate math so i never asked the saleslady anymore about Singaporean dollar to euro. Ok na yun! The salesladies are filipinas. "Ma'am, ano po 'yung sinabi nung anak nyo?" The pinay asked me what language did my son speak. Without a blink, i said, "Italian!" "Ang cute pong pakinggan pala ng italian." she added, then smiled. I saw a lot of Pinay salesladies at the airport stores.

There's also a portion of the airport with a garden, were there are fishes and you can just sit/wait without being annoyed. Zendra loves fish! So, we had some 10 minute stop and taking of fotos there. Hurry, hurry... time's up! When we arrived at our boarding gate, the screen says boarding for Manila around 10:00 am. A bit delayed. We were in line longer than we did from Milan, for the bag detectors and the regular body inspection. I had with me a bottle of milk for Zendra. The immigration officer told me to drink some of it. Maybe testing that there's no drug inside of the liquid. "No problem. It's for security purposes." I was murmuring deep in my mind. I saw some of pinoy bags being inspected: facial creams, mini lotions, after shave...etc. throw, throw and throw. "Titigas ng ulo nung ibang pinoy, sabing no liquid or cream eh." I was telling my hub.

So there we are, seated on the plane, captain is speaking and apologizing for the delayment.
"Three hours na lang. hindi pa ako nahihilo or nasusuka since the flight from Milan! Successful" i told myself...as i click the TV screen and hit the "The Lincoln Lawyer" movie, starring Matthew McConaughey.

NAIA airport and Manila adventure next!

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