12 September 2011

Jaki's First Day in School

School was already closed since June 11 of this year. 3 months of vacation is long enough for my son to enjoy. One book of assignments and things to read and review was given to them, so during vacation, they have something to study. (i mean the moms have something more to do)
All the things are ready by the weekend. i divided into 2 plastic bags the stuffs because it's too heavy for my son to bring in school. "Bring the other things on Tuesday", i told Jaki.

I woke up around 6:10am. Kids are still so asleep, as well as my hub. I washed up and get into my jogging outfit. i hope i can be a biggest (weight) loser this year. It's hard to compete oneself. Running towards the park, i already see a lot of people waiting for the bus. It's the first day of school. Expect the traffic and full buses, trains and trams. At 7 am i went back home, boil water, heat the rice and fried some eggs. I only drink 1 glass of pineapple juice. nothing more. "konting sacrifice, wag na muna mag rice sa breakfast." i'm talking to my self.

Zendra woke up first before his brother Jaki. Is she more excited to accompany his brother in school? =)

By 8:00am kids are already ready. hub just bid goodbye going for work. I am still watching the morning news and Jaki asked, "Mamma, che ora andiamo" (What time will we go out?) I guess my son is too excited to see his classmates. "alle 8:10, andiamo fuori." (we'll be out by 8:10am), i answered. His school is just a 5-minute walk from our house, so more or less we'll be there so early today.

It can be sometimes strange when some of the memories can remain so clearly in my mind about Jaki's very first day in first grade school. We approached the classroom assuring him everything's gonna be fine. He knows i'm not gonna be with him the whole day. New school, classmates, teachers can be a fearful one. Then the bell rang. I kissed him goodbye and i can see he's almost "crying face". But, seeing him holding the teachers hand is a bit comforting. I know he can make it through that day. And he did!

This is gonna be his last year in this school. So, i wish him good luck!

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