03 September 2011

20GB and more

Our long vacation is over. We landed here in Milan on September 2, 2011, 5:55am at Malpensa Airport. So early. The scheduled landing in our ticket says 6:15am. With 5 big luggages, we seated at the lobby of the airport waiting for my mom and uncle to fetch us. I told them we might be out of the airport around 7am. Our flight to manila was delayed half hour, so i assumed for the delayment too (due to the weather condition), immigration lines and waiting of the luggages. But the Singapore Airline back to Milan was early.
My italian sim card isn't loaded yet. So i used my Philippine roaming sim card. Whoops. better text my sister and my best friend before i forgot that i am now in Italy. Roaming costs 20 pesos per text. With all these text messages of "bon voyage", "happy trip" and "take care's"..there are more reminding "oist yung pix, upload mo agad ha..", "paki-tag naman", "don't forget our pix sa FB"...as far as i know i brought with me 5 dvd's with almost 3GB or 4GB of fotos inside, 1 4GB flash disc and 1GB (for canon), and another 4GB of Nikon. Which i guessed makes it more than 20 GB of fotoshoots.

We had a 40-day vacation, so as expected, every moment was being captured. I am so behind with my blogs, my house is a mess and i want to satisfy everyone who have been with us on the fotos or not, throughout our vacation.

Be PATIENT. I am back actively on cyberworld....just slow =)


RipeMango said...

good to be back home! lots of loose things to tie-up. but the exhaustion should be worth it.

butterfly said...

Hi Dewie. Yeah, sort of bitin pa rin, since i didn't meet a lot of friends, like you. sigh. maybe next time.