14 September 2011

Prepping Zen

I have read some fun, sad, stressful, funny "first-day-of-school" tales of moms, and i guess i can categorized myself to the "fun" adjective. Not to mention the word, "lucky". I will hate not to state here how did Zendra end up in pre-school today.
Last February, the pre-school enrollment opened online, and i filled-up everything required to write and send. The partial list of the kids accepted were posted on-line last June, as well as the respective schools of choice. I saw Zendra's name with a status: "waiting for school confirmation". i have to wait for the Yes or No answer. Uncertainty could be saddening. July 1st came and still no news. Zendra have no place yet.

I don't know if i have to pray too, to the greek Gods/Goddesses so she can have her place. They already deny her last year, because they said, "Sorry Ma'am, you didn't confirmed". I told them, i didn't get any call or reply, how can i confirm? well, that was past, this time i am so attentive to the fone calls and emails. Zendra can't miss this year.

July 18, i was busy having my pedicure/manicure, when my fone rang at 3:45pm....
(I will tell the story here in english version)

School: Ma'am, Zendra is accepted at Via Capuana, can you come by and sign some papers. bring all your/and kid's documents.

Me: you mean now?

School: Yes, ma'am. be here at 4pm, otherwise we will close and your daughter will not be accepted anymore.

Me: Ok..i'm coming. Please wait for me.

Good thing, my hands and left foot are done. my right foot isn't. The heck! i told my aunt (who's doing my other foot), "i need to run, stay here with Zendra, please."
Good thing the bus is almost there when i go down. The school is only 4 stops from our house. At 5 minutes to 4pm i was already in school. I told them someone called me to bring all the documents.

Woman: It's not here. You have to go to the main office at Via Arsia.
Me: (To myself) "What the hell?" They didn't tell me (i didn't ask either) if i will go to the main school or main office. Daaaaaang! It's almost 4pm. Deadline is up! I keep calling all the saints and greek Gods.
"Venus, goddess of love, let the love flow on whoever was there at the office. it's almost close."

The main office is almost 3 stops from the school. Oh My, i can't make it. The bus time says: 10 minutes. without even thinking i really run as if it's a matter of life and death. I arrived around 4:15pm.

Woman: Nope i can't let you enter, it's close.
Me: Please, please. i need to confirm my daughter. we're leaving early tomorrow morning. for our vacation in the Philippines. i can't go back tomorrow.
Woman: I'll call upstairs. wait.
Me: Thanks so much. "she's so strict, never smiling"..i'm murmuring.
Woman: Ok, go upstairs, they're waiting for you.

Good heavens. THANK you LORD!
Zendra's confirmed and i will have a less stressful vacation.

After the interview last week, this is the DAY!
I am more excited than ever before. First thing first, earrings has to go. We have a notice not to put accessories, jewelries or pointed hairpins, etc. it's all for the kids' security. I remember my friend's daughter, Maxim. Maxim's earrings ended up at one kid's mouth. Not too good. So, i wouldn't want that. Earrings can be worn during weekends now.

I met again Zendra's teachers, Cinzia and Elisa. They're so accomodating and lively. Zendra was introduced to kids in the room. Zendra said "Ciao" and waved back. "Good vibes eto ah." I uttered to myself.
A male kid burst into tears once he saw the room. His mother run to the rescue and held him in her arms. I expected Zendra's cry, but she didn't! When she saw the toy kitchen stuffs, she immediately play there. i just sat near her. Today, moms are allowed inside the room to see how the kids are adjusting to the new kids and school environment. "Hindi na ako pinansin, busy na sa toys."

I love to observe kids. Zendra is doing a great job. Silent but mendling with the kids without a problem. Some females are so chimpanzee-like clinging to their moms. One male kid wet his pants, one attacking the wall, some throwing toys, and some girls squeaking. I can't imagine how the two teachers manage to be alive in 7 hours with these kids, hahaha. they're so good!

In 1 hour and a half, Zendra had been a good girl. I can't wait for tomorrow where moms are not alowed anymore inside the room. Will i hear her shrieks?
I'll tell you tomorrow.


Valentina said...

bellissima!! adoro il video Kris!!

butterfly said...

thanks Valentina.