20 September 2011

Keeping Fit

(don't ask me how i got my fotos. automatic shot is cool!)

i have been jogging for the past weeks every morning (except when it rains). during weekdays, i used to have 15-20 minutes of jogging. i can't run more because i need to prepare breakfast, and my kids for school. so every saturday and sunday, i run for 30 minutes or so. and i feel good. not that i'm thinking i could be slimmer. my goal is to stay fit even i'm "chubby".
i'm slowly eating less and diminish the carbohydrates in my body.

so far, i am enjoying this jog-habit.
true to saying: no pain, no gain!

current status: 53 kilos, waistline 30inches
will update after a month if i lose weight or not. =)


Valentina Mantovani said...

bellissimo anche questo design!! =)
simpaticissimi gli scatti


butterfly said...

hahaha, grazie Valentina. non รจ facile a fare automatico quando corre, hahaha