11 September 2011

Born to Be an Architect

I was in 2nd year college when Zaldy arrived in our boarding house at Palmera St. Sampaloc, Manila. He's a bit shy at first, but later on, i discover he's the friendliest creature ever, a very funny and super malambing guy. I was studying Pre-Dentistry at Centro Escolar University, Mendiola, Manila those times and he was a freshman in Architecture at National University. To shorten it up, we really had that good chemistry. I'm sort of his adviser, he's sort of my shock absorber. Madrama ang buhay namin those times eh. :D. But, most of all, we had a lot of real fun during our stay in our boarding house. I still remember during wee hours, we sneak and eat "goto" near Bustillos. Jollibee Legarda is our fave hang-out. The Glorietta in Makati is still a hit those periods. I won't forget when we "spy" on actress Carmina Villaruel shopping at bench store. She's really lovely. We also danced to Francis M's "Mga Kababayan Ko", and get addicted to 89.9FM station joining Revicon contests. Grabe, laging busy ang landline kakadial! Not to mention sacrificing a long line at ULTRA to see a Manilyn Reynes concert. shocks...ang baduy pala namin dati. hahaha.

Anyway, when we transferred into another apartment at Balic-Balic, we somehow kind of see less. Internet is not yet a fad and cell fones are not yet available. So, more or less, the landline/sending mails are the only ways for us to communicate and say "hello". But, of course, we were both busy too with our lovelife. Bihira na kaming magkita.

After i graduated college, i kind of not heard from him anymore. Even when i went abroad, i still don't know anything about him. But, thanks to Friendster, we were able to recover that friendship we had. Same old funny stories and memories. Sarap magkwentuhan kahit over YM with cam. asaran na rin. On top of that, i'm glad he was a successful architect now. He really made it. Even way back our college years, i'm always teasing him, "uy libre mo ako ng design ha, pag archi ka na..."
(seated from left: Bel, Zaldy, my brother Jun and me), 1992

He knew i will be home for a vacation, but we really didn't plan ahead when we'll be able to meet and have a long chat over some foods. "text-text na lang." At the last minute, we had the chance. He met us at Liliw, Laguna and tour us up to Nagcarlan and San Pablo City. Zaldy kidded me, "uy dati sintangkad tayo ah..." and then we laughed. He invited us over to one of his house project near SM San Pablo. Cool. The house is finished now. So modern and lovely.
Then we talked about our plan for our future investment/residence. I asked him to design for us. The estimate was 4M to 4.5Million pesos! I'm having a headache already, hahaha. We'll i won't talk about it so much here. Let's see in the future.

Zaldy and Me (with Zendra), 2011

"The Blue Project"

This is the FB site for Zaldy's architectural firm: Sketch 2 Plan

He tagged me up at FB of my "pasalubong" for him. (You're welcome Zaldz! Basta libre mo design ha...") -joke-

I have seen the fotos of his designs and finished projects. Love them all. I knew it. The first time i saw his designs during college days, i know he was really born to be an architect. And, i guess i was meant to be his good friend and a client. :D
I knew we had been to so much --> alam mo na 'yun.... : fun and drama included.
(o, tribute na 'to, discount na lang if not free...)

wow! pasalubong from a dear friend! i like! maraming salamat! =)


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