11 September 2011

Fifth and First!

i have always love the first day of school. it is always something to look forward to, or be excited about. since we have been to the Philippines for vacation, we didn't buy yet school supplies for the school opening before we left Milan last July. it's more for the gift-shopping. so, when we arrived last week, i told to myself, we can shop school supplies this weekend.
i bought last saturday some of the things at the school supplies store. it's a bit expensive than the supermarket, but i got reasons why. some stuffs on the checklist that the teachers gave me --what were needed to buy and bring to school -- were incomprehensible for me. school supply stores are more expert than me. but, even expensive, i guess i see it as practicality. let's say if i buy (with my instinct only) and bought the wrong ones, i would re-buy again for the right ones. would costs me double, right? so, for the rests that i was sure of, we went to buy at the supermarket.

My son will be in 5th Grade! wow! how time flies! i can still remember his almost crying face during his first grade. it's gonna be his last year in his school. I know my son is excited on Monday to see his classmates again, especially his best friend, Matteo. But, i guess, i'm excited too to chat with the moms and meet the teachers.


I had been busy too with my little girl's pre-school stuffs. it would be her first taste of school. she will start on wednesday. for pre-schoolers, all their things must always be labelled with names. the embroidery on hand towels were made by my best friend Chat, since she has an embroidery business. she also made a lot of name patches for Zendra and they will served as labels to her clothes or other things for school. i bought here the two required school sacks, so it means they're blank. i had the courage to embroidered them by myself. i chose yellow and lavander for Zendra. i'm not much of a traditional pink or red for girls. big bibs were needed during lunch. it lessened the stains on clothes, especially when pasta or pizza is served. i still have to "personalized" the underwears, undershirts, socks and bed sheets (for nap). it seems i am having a new baby again. hahaha.

with all these preparations, i guess i just needed to fully charged my camera's battery. Monday is gonna be fun, as well as this Wednesday. Goodluck to us!

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