09 August 2010


i was included in the team for an extra 50-hour-marathon-job for a week in our office. last year i did the night rounds. my turn this year for the 10 hour-a-day. our names were already posted for this august job three months ago. either just nod or say, "OK" or "NO, I CAN'T" including your exceptional reasons. good thing, my husband's free to babysit the kids during daytime. that's why i accepted the job.

i guess my eyes have their automatic shut down because i can't sleep before midnight. my mind is still alive. whether i am busy at facebook or blogging, watching a film on tv, or reading a book, i don't sleep past 1am. i wonder why. was i insomniac or something?

that habit of mine, will make my sleep dropped down to a 3-4 hour-sleep for this week. if i slept 1am, and i need to wake up at 4:30am to prepare my lunch and myself, so i can be at the office before 7am. i guess i'm that physically strong. i can manage to work 10 hours even lack of sleep.

it's monday. ending up 5pm at work today, i arrived before 6pm at home. i'm tired obviously, but there's nothing so restful knowing i will have some warm hugs and kisses from my kids, and a good dinner prepared by my husband.

my tiredness are all gone!

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