06 August 2010

TGIF #15: something to read

my friend Dew (who love books, like me) gave me some titles to buy. i hope they're available here @ american bookstore.

here are five of her many suggestions:

1. Bourne Objective by Robert Ludlum

reader's Review: "Don't ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day." (CHICAGO SUN TIMES)

2. Deliver Us from Evil by David Baldacci

reader's review: An entertaining, fast-paced action thriller with some over-the-top characters, implausible action and references to a book I couldn't remember well - that brought it down to just an above average thriller, and less than I want from Baldacci. Still, for a light read on the beach or an airplane ride - it'll keep the pages turning and make the time fly. And, if you loved his last one -you'll love this one.

3. 9th Judgement by James Patterson with Paetro

reader's review: "Patterson and Paetro are at their best here, weaving a number of plots together to create a novel that dips and flows across genre lines.... A series that shows no signs of fatigue or flagging." (BookReporter.com)

4. Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

reader's review: If you only read one book this year, read this one. Share it with your friends and family. I don't expect to read anything better this year, or next year either.

5. Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

reader's review: You'll want to go through the adventure of Addie and Val so much that you may need to grab your booklight for this one...I found it to be a true "page turner".

To wrap up a tale and include such a range of emotion...suspense, heartbreak, humor, romance, and surprise all intertwined made for a truly great read. Excellent!

the hunt is on!

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