29 August 2010

football, rocks & a dog

This is an overload of pictures regarding our sunday junket. so, if you get bored of our faces: me, my brother & my daughter, just click the red X in the upper left-hand corner.
you didn't find the X on the left? good for you... keep on watching our fotos! =)

1st stop: Palazzo Reale

Rock Exhibit

translation: Rocks are Words...a lot of mysterious cities under the ground

most of the paintings, sculptures and masterpieces were exhibited here

pathway thru the palace

2nd stop: San Siro Stadium

this stadium is one of the biggest in europe. its capacity is 85,000 seats

south gate

north gate

souvenirs outside

brother Jun got the first game ticket: Milan vs. Lecce

zendra got her flag. her dad's for Inter FC team, the rival of AC Milan.
zendra might be thinking: who cares Ma?

3rd stop: Ippodromi di San Siro

horse racing venue

this is Leonardo Da Vinci's designed horse

the baby park is still closed. we're too early.

4th stop: brother's home

brother bought a shirt. i like this one too. sorry! no more stock!

harry: the dog. scene stealer

zendra playing with the white stones in the garden

that's my major-major pose! =)

just relaxing in the garden

she loves the violets

no dear. he doesn't eat flowers.

my brother found a new gardener!

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